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Five College Certificate in Ethnomusicology

The Certificate Program in Ethnomusicology will provide a coherent framework for navigating course offerings and engaging with ethnomusicologists throughout the Five Colleges. While "music" is the nominal cornerstone of the certificate program, the wide range of topics that appear under the rubric of "ethnomusicology" extend far beyond "music in a cultural context" to include anthropology, history, political science, economics, evolution, science and technology, physiology, media studies, and popular culture studies, among others.


To obtain a Five College Certificate in Ethnomusicology, students must successfully complete a total of seven courses distributed as indicated in the following four categories:

Since ethnomusicological research and related musical performance may require understanding of and competence in a foreign language, students are encouraged, but not required, to achieve relevant language proficiency. Other areas that students are encouraged to explore include experiential learning, a study abroad or domestic exchange experience, in-depth study of a single musical tradition, or comparative studies of several musical traditions.

More Information

For more information about the certificate, please contact Margaret Sarkissian, at msarkiss@smith.edu, and visit the Five College Ethnomusicology Web site.