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Welcome to SmithArtsFest 2013: "Storytelling." The remarkable talents of our Smith College faculty, students and members of the larger arts community are the inspiration for this festival. My warm thanks go out to all who have made this year's events possible.

Although every event in this year's festival is intriguing and worth writing about, I want to draw particular attention to our focus on Arnold Schoenberg. Schoenberg was surely among the most influential composers of the 20th century, yet he remains widely misunderstood. We will devote considerable time to demystifying this great composer. If you think you don't like Schoenberg, I am making the gamble that we will be able to change your mind.

We've titled our festival "Storytelling," and while not all works on our programs tell a clear story, the thread of storytelling runs through each presentation. We will indeed hear stories in songs from Turkey, and in Schoenberg's chamber works Pierrot Lunaire and Transfigured Night; we will hear stories told in poetry, as in the Uncanny Valley, and in a new telling of a fairy tale. In our MFA dance concert; our children's concert readings; in the music of Richard Strauss' opera Capriccio; and in the extraordinary drama of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, we will hear stories of love and life.

Please join us!

Joel Pitchon
Associate Professor of Music