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Advisory Committee

Jessica Nicoll
Museums Concentration Director
Director and Louise Ines Doyle '34 Chief Curator
Smith College Museum of Art
585-2762 jfnicoll@smith.edu

Rosetta Marantz Cohen
Sylvia Dlugasch Bauman Professor of Education & Child Study
Director, Smithsonian Program Director, Kahn Liberal Arts Institute
585-3266 rcohen@smith.edu

Aprile Gallant
Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs
Smith College Museum of Art
585-2768 agallant@smith.edu

Elizabeth R. Jamieson
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Director, Center for Aqueous Biogeochemical Research
585-7588 ejamieso@smith.edu

Barbara Kellum
Professor of Art
585-3135 bkellum@smith.edu


Dana Leibsohn
Priscilla Paine Van der Poel Professor of Art
585-3137 dleibsoh@smith.edu

Caroline Melly
Associate Professor of Anthropology
585-3683 cmelly@smith.edu

Charlene Shang Miller
Associate Educator for Academic Programs
Smith College Museum of Art
585-3109 csmiller@smith.edu


Christen Mucher

Assistant Professor of American Studies

585-3737 cmucher@smith.edu


Maggie Lind Newey
Associate Director of Academic Programs & Public Education
Smith College Museum of Art
585-2783 mnewey@smith.edu


Kiki Smith
Professor of Theatre
585-3216 ksmith@smith.edu


Fraser Stables
Associate Professor of Art
585-3127 fstables@smith.edu

Frazer Ward
Associate Professor of Art
585-3124 fward@smith.edu