Index of Original Language Texts



von Waberer, Keto. (German) "High Fashion." Trans. Ingrid Lansford.
       17:2, 113.
  ---"Rain." Trans. Ingrid Lansford. 18.1, 75.

Waberi, Abdourahman A. (French) "The Equator of the Heart; August,        1966." Trans. David Ball. 11:1, 67.

Wadia, Laila. (Italian) "Chicken Curry." Trans. Monica Hanna. 14:1-2, 150.

Warner-Vieyra, Myriam. (French) "That Special Hour." Trans. Curtis        Small. 11:1, 215.

Washbourne, Kelly. (Spanish) "The Nirvana Dictionary." Trans.        Washbourne. 2:1, 11.
  ---"Not What It Can but What It Must." Trans. Washbourne. 2:1, 11.

Wik, Inga-Britt. (Swedish) "October (Oktober)." Trans. Eva Claeson. 4:2,        138.

Wilbur, Richard. (English into Italian) " Children of Darkness." Trans.        Alessandro Ferace. 6:2, 114.