Index of Original Language Texts



Oh, Jeong-hui. (Korean) "River of Fire." Trans. Ha-yun Jung. 9:2, 234.

O'Halloran, Steve. (Spanish) "Campesino." Trans. O'Halloran. 6:1, 112.
  ---"Your Eyes." Trans. O'Halloran. 6:1, 112.
  ---"500 Years After the First 'New World Order.'" Trans. O'Halloran. 6:1,        114.
  ---"Thought of a Street Dweller." Trans. O'Halloran. 6:1, 114.
  ---"Hand of the Moon." Trans. O'Halloran. 6:1, 116.
  ---"Legacy." Trans. O'Halloran. 6:1, 118.

Okihaze, Fujiwarano. (Japanese) "[Across hoar-frosted beach]." Trans.        Leslie Schenk. 7:1, 58.

de Oliveira, Carlos. (Portuguese) "Estalactite." Trans. Alexis Levitin. 10:2,        144.

de Oliveira, Nelson. (Portuguese) "Beatrice (Excerpt from Babel Babilonia)."
       Trans. Elizabeth Lowe. 24:1-2, 243.

Ondrus, Jan. (Slovak) "On the Way to a Slaughter at my Grandmother's."        Trans. Peter Petro. 7:2, 190.
  ---"German Search-Party 1944." Trans. Petro. 7:2, 192.

Ongala, Remmy. (Kiswahili) "Mrema." Trans. Aaron Rosenberg. 10:1, 132.
  ---"Little One." Trans. Rosenberg. 10:1, 140.

Osojnik, Iztok. (Slovene) "From A Night with Li Po." Trans. Barbara        Siegel Carlson and Ana Jelnikar. 16:1, 108.

Ossian. (Gaelic) "The Poems of Ossian." Trans. James MacPherson. 4:2, 41.

Otaiba, Mounir. (Arabic) "Nine Blue Beads for the Coming One." Trans.        Lobna A. Ismail. 19.1-2, 250.

Otxoa, Julia. (Spanish) "Aphorisms and Poems." Trans. Kelsey Camire.        12:1, 152.

Ovid. (Latin) "How to Mother a Minotaur." Trans. Christopher Michael        Brunelle. 20.2, 16.

Özdamar, Emine Sevgi. (German) "Mothertongue." Trans. Lynn A. Prince.        4:2, 46.
  ---(German) "Frandfathertongue." Trans. Prince. 4:2, 49.