Index of Original Language Texts



Gagnon, Madeleine. (French) "Excerpts from Dream of Stone (Reve de        Pierre)." Trans. Andrea Moorhead. 9:2, 94.

Gamper, Galina. (Russian) "Saint Petersburg Sequence." Trans. Mark W.        Halperin. 16:1, 178.
  ---"The Seagulls' Creaking Cry." Trans. Grainne Tobin. 20:2, 88.
  ---"We are Going Out." Trans. Natasha Cuddington. 20:2, 90.

Gândara, Paula. (Portuguese) "Coimbra, the Unfamiliar Memory." Trans.        Philip Eugene Krummich. 20:2, 76.
  ---"Photographs." Trans. Krummich. 20:2, 78.
  ---"Belém Pier." Trans. Krummich. 20:2, 80.

Gandelsman, Vladimir. (Russian) "[Speak looser, please, speak freer]."        Trans. Yana Djin. 7:2, 154.
  ---"[This - the steppe, and the dry expanse, like an onion dry]." Trans.        Djin. 7:2, 156.
  ---"[Meanwhile, this imagined life]." Trans. Djin. 7:2, 158.
  ---"[I will take that winter's illuminated square]." Trans. Djin. 7:2, 160.
  ---"[Getting dark. Getting black...]." Trans. Djin. 7:2, 162.
  ---"[So what if they crack - ]." Trans. Djin. 7:2, 164.

Gao Weixi. (Chinese) "My Wife's Hands." Trans. Harry J. Huang. Edited        by Sabina Knight. 18.1, 214.

García-Bodaño, Salvador. (Galego) "Aquelas mañáns de música (Those

       mornings when there was music I)." Trans. John Burns. 22:1-2, 54.

  ---"Those mornings when there was music II." Trans. Marta Dahlgren and

       Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 57.

  ---"Metamorphose (Metamorphosis)." Trans. Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2,


García Valdés, Olvido. (Spanish) "Olive Trees Pulled Out by the Roots."        Trans. Catherine Hammond. 18:2, 50.

Gaski, Harald. (Swedish) "Essay: Sami Literature." Trans. Roland        Thorstensson. 8:1, 84.

Gazdanov, Gaito. (Russian) "The Adventurer." Trans. Laurence Bogoslaw.        2:2, 40.
  ---"Princess Mary." Trans. Ian Brownlie and Claire Dienes. 4:2, 8.
 ---"Hawaiian Guitars." Trans. Bogoslaw. 5:1, 97.

George, Stefan. (German) "[Final Song] (Du Schlank und Rein wie eine        Flamme)." Trans. Peter Viereck. 2:1, 68.
  ---"The Stranger (Die Fremde)." Trans. Viereck, E. Morwitz and Mark.        7:1, 42.

Gersão, Teolinda. (Portuguese) "The Reader." Trans. António Igrejas. 16:1,        234.

Ghità. (Italian) "The Ball." Trans. Susan Leigh Connors. 14:1-2, 220.

Ginzburg, Natalia. (Italian) "He and I." Trans. Hélène Cantarella. 7:1, 34.

Gion, Nándor. (Hungarian) "Chapter Two of the novel Soldier with a
." Trans. Maya LoBello. 13:2, 226.

Gititi, Gitahi. (Gikuyu) "The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars." Trans. Gitahi        Gititi. 10:1, 47.
  ---"Physician, Heal Thyself." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 57.
  ---"What Hour of the Night?" Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 58.
  ---"Taproot." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 60.
  ---"Earthquake." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 62.
  ---"Building the Nation." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 64.
  ---"Cure for Headaches, 1." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 66.
  ---"Cure for Headaches, 2." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 68.
  ---"Head's for Thinking." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 68.
  ---"Dust on the Road to Nyiri Town." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 70.
  ---"The Lower Depths." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 74.
  ---"One Hundred Shillings." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 72.
  ---"The Lower Depths." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 74.
  ---"The Census Comes to Grandmother." Trans. Gititi. 10:1, 76.

Glowinski, Michal. (Polish) "The Pastry." Trans. Shore. 9:2, 321.
  ---"Emil." Trans. Marci Shore. 9:2, 325.

Goldschmidt, Meir Aron. (Danish) "A Tale about a Fly." Trans. Ingrid G.        Lansford. 13:1, 270.
  ---"Sidi-el-Barduk and Zuleima (from 'Love Stories from Many Lands')."        Trans. Ingrid Lansford. 16:1, 257.
  ---"Under a Spell II." Trans. Ingrid Lansford. 18:1, 196.
  ---"Under a Spell I: A Legend Retold." Trans. Ingrid Lansford. 20:2, 155.

  ---"Henry Cecil and Sarah." Trans. Ingrid Lansford. 23:1, 160.

von Goethe, Johann Wolfgang. (German) "Welcome and Parting        (Willkommen und Abschied)." Trans. Walter Arndt. 8:2, 130.

Goloboff, Gerardo Mario. (Spanish) "The Passion According to San        Martin." Trans. Ilan Stavans. 2:2, 30.


Gómez, Lupe. (Galego) "Monecas Nansi louras (Blonde Nancy Dolls)." Trans.

       Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 104.

  ---"O Amor (Love)." Trans. Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 104.

  ---"Defenición (Definition)." Trans. Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 104.

de Góngora, Luis. (Spanish) "How Our Life is Shorter Than We Think."        Trans. John Upton. 13:2, 142.

González Prada, Manuel. (Spanish) "Selected Epigrams from Grafitos,        'Hombres y Libros.'" Trans. G.J. Racz. 18.1, 98.

Gonzales, Odi. (Spanish) "Apprentice Painters (Los Aprendices)." Trans. Lynn

       Levin. 20:1, 24.

  ---"God Shows Paradise to Adam and Eve (Dios Muestra El Paraíso a Adán

       y Eva)." Trans. Lynn Levin. 20:1, 30.

  ---"The Prodigal Son (El Hijo Pródigo)." Trans. Lynn Levin. 20:1, 34.

Graña, Bernardino. (Galego) "En Padrón os aluminos do Instituto (The Pupils 

       at Padron High School)." Trans. Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 52.


Grandes, Almudena. (Spanish) "'Memories of a Gypsy Girl' from        Exemplary Women (Modelos de Mujer)." Trans. Lydia Oram. 9:2, 263.

  ---"Mother Love." Trans. Oram. 9:2, 267.

Grigoryuk, Pavel. (Russian) "Excerpt from The Autobiography of Pavel        Grigoryuk." Trans. Joseph Lake. 1:2, 51.

Grill, Evelyn. (German) "'Means of Flight' from the Working World of        Just-A-Housewife." Trans. Jean M. Snook. 16:1, 295.

Grima, Edgar. "The Cricket and the Ant." Trans. Norman R. Shapiro. 11:1,        254.
  ---"The Wolf and the Stork." Trans. Shapiro. 11:1, 264.

Guerra, Germán. (Spanish) "Marti." Trans. Cola Franzen. 13:1, 108.
  ---"A circus, a universe ." Trans. Franzen. 13:1, 112.
  ---"The City and the Edge of the Island." Trans. Franzen. 13:1, 114.
  ---"Sojourn in Pompeii and Herculaneum." Trans. Franzen. 13:1, 116.
  ---"Ming Y/the Dimming of the Light." Trans. Franzen. 13:1, 118.

Guillevic, Eugene. (French) “The Flower.” Trans. Samuel Danon. 25.2,        102.
 ---“Sparrowhawk.” Trans. Danon. 25.2, 108.