Index of Original Language Texts



Fahr, Hossam. (Arabic) "A Face Behind Glass I." Trans. Amani Hassan.        15:1-2, 106.
  ---"A Face Behind Glass II." Trans. Hassan. 15:1-2, 106.

Fais, Michel. (Greek) "Apricot Cheeks, Rockcherry Lips." Trans. Stavros        Deligiorgis. 10:2, 280.

Faiz, Faiz Ahmed. (Urdu) "City of Lights ." Trans. Agha Shahid Ali. 8:2,        280.
  ---"A Prison Daybreak." Trans. Ali. 8:2, 282.
  ---"In Search of Vanished Blood." Trans. Ali. 8:2, 286.
  ---"Stay Away From Me (Bangledeshi)." Trans. Ali. 8:2, 288.

Farès, Nabil. (French) "Untitled (ancient of aspect)." Trans. Peter Thompson.        19.1-2, 80.

Ferace, Alessandro. (Italian) "The Almond Tree." Trans. Hélène Cantarella        with Melinda Kennedy. 5:1, 54.
  ---"Alzheimer's." Trans. Cantarella with Kennedy. 5:1, 54.
  ---"A Group of Poems." Trans. Cantarella and Kennedy. 6:1, 100.
  ---"Signed Confession." Trans. Ferace and Kennedy. 6:2, 120.

Fernández-Cubas, Cristina. (Spanish) "Death in Captivity." Trans. Andrea        E. Olsen. 17:2, 120.

Fernán Vello, Miguel Anxo. (Galego) "Paciencia (Patience)." Trans. Carys

       Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 82.

Ferrater, Gabriel. (Catalan). "The Reader." Trans. Arthur Terry. 5:2, 135.
  ---"History Lesson." Trans. Terry. 5:2, 136.
  ---"The Bad Mission." Trans. Terry. 5:2, 138.
  ---"But Don't Disturb Me." Trans. Terry. 5:2, 140.

Ficowski, Jerzy. (Polish) "The Artificial Hen or The Gravedigger Lover."        Trans. Søren Alberto Gauger. 13:1, 217.
  ---"The Passing Settlement." Trans. Gauger. 13:1, 220.

Filipoff, Boris. (Russian) "[After abducting Europa]." Trans. Nina        Kossman. 7:2, 138.

Filipowicz, Kornel. (Polish) "What is in a Man?" Trans. Stephanie Kraft        10:2, 199.

Flaccus, Q. Horatius (Horace). (Latin) "Hard Work (Epode 8)." Trans.        Will Shearin. 16:1, 184.

Foix, J.V. (Catalan) "Creixells and I Were Establishing... (En Creixells I Jo        Establiem...)." Trans. Patricia I. Boehne. 5:2, 82.
  ---"On the Vineyard Plain... (Al Pla de les Vinyes...)." Trans. Boehne. 5:2,        88.

de la Fontaine, Jean. (French) "Le Lièvre et la tortue." 11:1, 238.
  ---"Le Chêne et le roseau." 11:1, 242.
  ---"La Cigale et la fourmi." 11:1, 252.
  ---"Le Loup et la cigogne." 11:1, 262.
  ---"The Frog and the Ox." Trans. Pearl A. Hochstadt. 16:1, 198.
  ---"The Cock and the Pearl." Trans. Hochstadt. 16:1, 200.
  ---"The Wolf and the Fox, With the Ape as Judge." Trans. Hochstadt.        16:1, 200.
  ---"The Satyr and the Traveler." Trans. Hochstadt. 16:1, 202.
  ---"The Doctors." Trans. Hochstadt. 16:1, 204.


Forcadela, Manuel. (Galego) "L'eclair." Trans. Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-

       2, 84.

  ---"Maestro." Trans. Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 84.

Franck, Julia. (German) "Crumb Cake." Trans. Nedra E. Bickham. 17:2,        106.

Frankétienne. (French) "The Noose." Trans. Asselin Charles. 11:1, 135.

Franzin, Fabio. (Opitergino-motense dialect and Italian) "From The Color        of Words." Trans. Adeodato Piazza Nicolai. 14:1-2, 85.

Freile, Juan Rodriguez. (Spanish) "The Witch Juana Garcia." Trans. Nina        Scott. 2:1, 19.

Freire, Espido. (Spanish) "The Black Sheep." Trans. Toshiya Kamei. 17:2,        135.

Freire, Marcelino. (Portuguese) "The Royal Manor," "Peace." Trans. Peggy
        Sharpe. 24:1-2, 124..
  ---"Civil Union (Chapter 9 from Amar É Crime)." Trans. Marguerite        Itamer Harrison. 25.1, 142.

Froding, Gustaf. (Swedish) "The Good Old Days." Trans. Judith Moffett.        8:1, 104.
  ---"Vennerboom the Poet." Trans. Moffett. 8:1, 106.

Frost, Robert. (English into Italian) "Incontrarsi e Passare Oltre (Meeting        and Crossing)." Trans. Alessandro Ferace. 9:2, 56.
  ---"Non Piú Lo Stesso Il Canto Degli Uccelli (Never Again Would Birds'        Song Be the Same)." Trans. Ferace. 9:2, 56.

Fu, Du. (Chinese) "Spring Prospect." Trans. William Mullen. 6:2, 122.
  ---"From the Lake Tower." Trans. Mullen. 6:2, 124.

Fuchs, Gerd. (German) "'Schuss,' Chapter 1 of the novel Schussfahrt."        Trans. Jean Snook. 16:2, 26.

Fühmann, Franz. (German) "The Street of Perversions." Trans. Andrew

       Hamilton. 23:2, 230.

Fumiko, Yokota. (Japanese) "Love Letter (Part II of Beautiful Elegy)."        Trans. Kimberly Kono. 13:1, 224.