Index of Original Language Texts



Dacosta, Marta. (Galego). "Houbo un medo azul (There Was a Blue Dread)."

       Trans. Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 102.

  ---"Como Ofelia (Like Ophelia)." Trans. Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 102.

Dahl, Rita. (Finnish) “(A bus crawls...).” Trans. Rita Dahl. 20:1, 44.

Dahlin, Barbro. (Swedish) "Death Comes So Gently." Trans. Eva Claeson.        1:2, 60.
  ---"When You Have Gone." Trans. Claeson. 4:1, 96.
  ---"Wintering." Trans. Claeson. 4:1, 98.
  ---"Rest Home." Trans. Claeson. 4:1, 100.
  ---"The Sun Dance." Trans. Claeson. 4:2, 24.
  ---"At the End of Day." Trans. Claeson. 9:2, 136.
  ---"Clear Day." Trans. Claeson. 9:2, 136.
  ---"The Wing-Beat of the Days." Trans. Claeson. 9:2, 136.
  ---"Dusk." Trans. Claeson. 9:2, 138.
  ---"The Year Falls Headlong." Trans. Claeson. 9:2, 140.
  ---"Love." Trans. Claeson. 9:2, 142.
  ---"Memories in the Evening." Trans. Claeson. 9:2, 142.
  ---"Epilogue." Trans. Claeson. 9:2, 144.
  ---"Slothy Slipshod Slut." Trans. Claeson. 9:2, 144.

D'Annunzio, Gabriele. (Italian) "The Young Boy (Il Fanciullo)." Trans.        Richard J. Pioli. 4:2, 98.

Darío, Ruben. (Spanish) "Honorio's Nightmare." Trans. Kelly        Washbourne. 1:2, 48.


Das, Jibanananda. (Bengali [Bangla]). "Give Me Your Word." Trans. Srinjay

      Chakravarti. 23:2, 78.

  ---"River Kite." Trans. Chakravarti. 23:2, 80.


Dazai Osamu. (Japanese). "Chiyojo." Trans. Owen Cooney. 23:1, 192.

De Alonso, Olga Bressano. (Spanish). “Pelegrino.” Trans. Diana Baldini

       Brown. 20:1, 112.

  ---“Siempre Joven.” Trans. Diana Baldini Brown. 20:1, 114.

  ---“La piedad.” Trans. Diana Baldini Brown. 20:1, 116.


De Castro, Francisco. (Spanish). "Interlude of the Witches." Trans. Glenda Y.

       Nieto Cuebas and German E. Vargas Ramos. 23:1, 212.

Decòr, Miquèl (Occitan) "Walking Throughout Minerve." Trans. Jeanette        Shulenberger Rogers. 16:1, 206.
  ---"Prologue, From the collection Passejada Menerbesa (Wild Roman        Byways)." Trans. Rogers. 16:2, 170.
  ---"Bize." Trans. Rogers. 16:2, 170.
  ---"Malhac." Trans. Rogers. 16:2, 172.
  ---"The Capitelles of the Postman." Trans. Rogers. 16:2, 172.
  ---"Epilogue, From the collection Passejada Menerbesa (Wild Roman        Byways)." Trans. Rogers. 16:2, 174.

Déjacque, Joseph. "The Oyster and the Pearl." Trans. Norman R. Shapiro.        11:1, 244.

Délery, Charles Chauvin Boisclair. "The Wasp and the Bee." Trans.        Norman R. Shapiro. 11:1, 246.
  ---"The Tree and the Mast." Trans. Shapiro. 11:1, 248.

Depestre, René. (French) "Caribbean Mother Sea." Trans. Nicole Ball. 11:1,        172.
  ---"In Free Praise of the French Language." Trans. Ball. 11:1, 176.
  ---"Images for an Anti-Autobiography." Trans. Ball. 11:1, 180.
  ---"Far from Jacmel." Trans. Ball. 11:1, 186.

Deshpande, Purushottam Laxman. (Marathi) "Narayan." Trans. Sunil        Gokhale. 9:2, 301.

Devi, Vimala. (Portuguese) "Nâttak." Trans. Paul Melo e Castro. 18.1, 44.

Diaconú, Alina. (Spanish) "Child's Drawing." Trans. Victoria Livingstone.        16:2, 198.
  ---"Violent Buenos Aires." Trans. Livingstone. 16:2, 198.
  ---"Beauty Unaware." Trans. Livingstone. 16:2, 200.
  ---"The Body." Trans. Livingstone. 16:2, 202.
  ---"Gray Matter." Trans. Livingstone. 16:2, 202.

Dickinson, Emily. (English into Japanese) "#479 and #492." Trans.        Masako Takeda, 3:1, 48.
  ---(English into Italian) "#1298." Trans. Alessandro Ferace. 6:2, 108.
  ---(English into Italian) "Luce di Primavera (#812)." Trans. Ferace. 9.2,        58.
  ---(English into Italian) "Per Fare un Prato (#1755)." Trans. Ferace. 9:2,        58.
  ---(English into Spanish) "After Great Pain." Trans. Marta Dahlgren        10:2, 108.
  ---(English into Spanish) "My Life Had Stood—A Loaded Gun." Trans.        Dahlgren. 10:2, 108.
  ---(English into Spanish) "The Auctioneer of Parting." Trans. Dahlgren.        10:2, 110.

Dimitriou, Sotiris. (Greek) "The Wiring." Trans. Martin McKinsey. 10:2,        240.

Dimitrova, Blaga. (Bulgarian) "Ballad of the Drowned Verses." Trans.        Mina Daube. 7:2, 18.
  ---"Book of Hours." Trans. Daube. 7:2, 20.
  ---"Handiwork." Trans. Daube. 7:2, 22.
  ---"Through the Windows Freshly Washed." Trans. Daube. 7:2, 16.

Dinale, Rita. (Italian) "Africa Turning." Trans. Melinda Kennedy. 2:1, 74.
  ---"Heroines: Selections from L'Olimpio È Vuoto." Trans. Kennedy. 7:1,        60.
  ---"Whenever I Return." Trans. Annie Boutelle. 13:2, 24.

Djura. (French) "Excerpt from 'Beneath the Veil... Algeria.'" Trans. Patricia        Frederick. 15:1-2, 149.
  ---"Excerpt from 'The Prophet's Sneeze.'" Trans. Frederick. 15:1-2, 153.
  ---"Excerpt from 'The Prophet's Sneeze.'" Trans. Frederick. 15:1-2, 160.

Döblin, Alfred. (German) "The Murder of a Buttercup." Trans. Elizabeth        Welt Trahan. 3:2, 25.


Do Cebreiro, María. (Galego) "O que nós sentimos.. (What We Feel...)." Trans.

       Carys Evans-Corrales. 22:1-2, 116.

Dogen. (Japanese) "Six Poems from Ideograms." Trans. Leslie Schenk. 7:1,        56.

Domecq, Alcina Lubich. (Spanish) "Bottles." Trans. Ilan Stavans. 5:1, 95.


Domin, Hilde. (German). "About Us." Trans. Mark S. Burrows. 23:1, 104.

  ---"Love." Trans. Mark S. Burrows. 23:1, 104.

  ---"Beech Trees in Spring." Trans. Mark S. Burrows. 23:1, 106.


D'Orta, Marcello. (Italian) "Excerpts from Io Speraimo Che Me Lav Cavo:

       Sessanta Temi di Bambini Napoletani (Me, Let's Hope I'll Manage: Sixty

       Compositions by Neapolitan Children) and Dio Ci Ha Creato Gratis: Il

       Vangelo Secundo i Bambini di Arzano (God Created Us Free of Charge:

       The Gospel According to the Children of Arzano)." Trans. Lydia Miranda 

       Oram. 23:2, 203.

Durakovic, Ferida. (Bosnian) "Book of Dreams." Trans. Nuala ní        Dhomhnaill. 12:1-2, 100.
  ---"From the Textbook of Slavic Mythology." Trans. ní Dhomhnaill and        Reyes Lázaro. 12:1-2, 104.
  ---"Georg Trakl on the Battlefield Revisited, 1993." Trans. ní Dhomhnaill

and Lázaro. 12:1-2, 104.

  ---"Good Evening the Guest is Gone." Trans. ní Dhomhnaill.
       12:1-2, 107.
  ---"It's April." Trans. ní Dhomhnaill and Lázaro. 12:1-2, 108.
  ---"November, Raging Through Rooms." Trans. ní Dhomhnaill. 12:1-2,        111.
  ---"On What I Have Known for a Long Time." Trans. ní       
       Dhomhnaill. 12:1-2. 112.
  ---"The Writer Contemplates His Homeland While a Famous
      Postmodernist Enters the City." Trans. ní Dhomhnaill. 12:1-2, 113.

Dygat, Stanislaw. (Polish) "From Rainy Evenings: Resurrection, Grapes of        Wrath, A Very Narrow Point of View, The Name Day." Trans.        Stephanie Kraft. 8:2, 204.