Index of Original Language Texts



Bachmann, Ingeborg. (German) "I Too Have Lived in Arcadia." Trans.        Linda Baker. 23:1, 39.

Badoux, Georges. (French) "Excerpt from Savages et Civilises." Trans.        Karin Speedy. 11:1, 128.

Bakr, Salwa. (Arabic) "My Grandma's Provisions." Trans. Almira al-       Zaqrid. 19.1-2, 260.

Baldini, Raffaello. (Italian from Romagnolo) "The Comedy." Trans. Adria        Bernardi and Baldini. 13:1, 76.
  ---"Fussbudget." Trans. Bernardi and Baldini. 13:1, 82.
  ---"Stricken." Trans. Bernardi and Baldini. 13:1, 88.
  ---"The Will." Trans. Bernardi and Baldini. 13:1, 94.
  ---(Romagnolo and Italian) "E' brètt, Il beretto, The Cap." Trans.        Bernardi. 14:1-2, 43.
  ---"Furistír, Forestiero, Outsider." Trans. Bernardi. 14:1-2, 49.
  ---"Lói, Luglio, July." Trans. Bernardi. 14:1-2, 55.
  ---"China, China, Liqueur." Trans. Bernardi. 14:1-2, 58.
  ---"La nàiva, La neve, Snow." Trans. Bernardi. 14:1-2, 61.

Banagar, Serajaddin. (Persian) "A Farsi Version of a Kurdish Folk Tale:        Lazy Ahmad and the King's Daughter." Trans. Firouzeh Dianat and        Stephanie Fauver. 18.1, 192.

Bancquart, Marie-Claire. (French) "Odyssey, Final Canto." Trans.        Wendeline Hardenberg. 21.2, 72.
  --- "Forgettings." Trans. Wendeline Hardenberg. 21:2, 76.
  --- "Old Man." Trans. Wendeline Hardenberg. 21:2, 76.
  --- "Black-Eyed Susan." Trans. Wendeline Hardenberg. 21:2, 78.
  --- "Hesitating, Wearing Out." Trans. Wendeline Hardenberg. 21:2, 78.
  --- "The Impulse of Ours." Trans. Wendeline Hardenberg. 21:2, 80.

Banoum, Bertrade B. Ngo-Ngijol. (Basaa) "Bon ba Hiton." Trans. Banoum.        10:1, 242.

Banti, Anna. (Italian) "Lavinia Lost." Trans. Shirley A. Smith. 17:1, 305.

Baptista, Josely Vianna. (Portuguese) “Author’s Note on the Celestial        Blue Words.” Trans. Malcolm McNee. 25.2, 17.
  --- “The Ancient Rites of the Hummingbird.” Trans. McNee. 25.2, 24.
  --- “Baroque Garden.” Trans. McNee. 25.2, 26.

Baranczak, Stanislaw. (Polish) "Voice Coaching (Ustawienie Glosu)."        Trans. Baranczak and Clare Cavanagh. 7:2, 112.

Barbakadze, Dato. (Georgian) "Poet." Trans. Lyn Coffin and Nato        Alhazishvili. 21:2, 124.

Bartolomé, Efraín. (Spanish) "(From Ocosingo War Diary: Voices from        Chiapas) Don Tonito." Trans. Kevin Brown. 21:2, 148.

Bassry, Aicha. (Arabic) “House of Night (Chapter 1 of Silk Nights).”        Trans. Mbarek Sryfi. 25.2, 229.

Batma, Larbi. (Arabic) "A Gnawa Adventure, from Arrahil." Trans. Ziad        Bentahar. 15:1-2, 140.

Baudelaire, Charles. (French) "Get Drunk (Enivrez-Vous)." Trans. Thalia        Pandiri. 9:2, 332.
  ---"The Lovers' Wine." Trans. Jan Owen. 20:2, 38.
  ---"The Loner's Wine." Trans. Owen. 20:2, 38.
  ---"The Ragpickers' Wine." Trans. Owen. 20:2, 40.
  ---"The Murderer's Wine." Trans. Owen. 20:2, 42.
  ---"Three Poems.” Trans. Tony Brinkley. 25.2, 88

Becker, J├╝rgen. (German). "Andrew Wyeth Paints a Sound." Trans. Ingrid G.

       Lansford. 23:1, 138

Belaya, Irina. (Russian) "Tale of the Traffic Light." Trans. Ilya Yudin and        Elena Gorsheneva. 17:1, 292.

du Bellay, Joachim. (French) "Heureux Qui." Trans. Warren D. Anderson,        Anthony Hecht, and Richard Wilbur. 5:1, 40.

Belli, Carlos German. (Spanish) “Segregation No. 1.” Trans. Annette               Beauchamp. 25.2, 168.

Belo, Ruy. (Portuguese) "At the Coming of Longer Days (A Chegada dos        Dias Grandes)." Trans. Alexis Levitin. 7:1, 144.

  ---"Anniversary Mass." Trans. Alexis Levitin. 23:1, 84

  ---"The Grandeur of Man." Trans. Alexis Levitin. 23:1, 87

  ---"Misery and Grandeur." Trans. Alexis Levitin. 23:1, 87

Belotti, Elena Gianni. (Italian) "Suspicions." Trans. Anne Milano Appel.        14:1-2, 223.

Benacot, Debora. (Spanish) “(She found out her spiral notebook).”        Trans. Robert Kaplan and Margaret Young. 25.2, 122.
  ---“(It is not true that any self-respecting writer).” Trans. Kaplan and        Young. 25.2, 124.
  ---“(The newborn girl).” Trans. Kaplan and Young. 25.2, 126.

Bénézet, Mathieu. (French) "'Phase I' from L'Océan jusqu'à toi." Trans.        Patrick Williamson. 17:1, 120.

Benn, Gottfried. (German) "Songs: I (Gesange: I)." Trans. Peter Viereck.        2:1, 70.

Benni, Stefano. (Italian). "Autogrill Horror: The Boy With the Mohawk's

       Tale." Trans. Amelia Linsky. 23:2, 162.

Berger, John. (Spanish) "Redder Every Day." Trans. Pilar Vázquez. 12:1-2,        188.

Bernard, Stephen. (French) "The Two Rabbits." Trans. Norman R.        Shapiro. 11:1, 234.

de Bethúne, Conon. (Old French) "Ce fut l'autrier en un autre pais." Trans.        Samuel N. Rosenberg. 10:2, 94.

Beurard-Valdoye. (French) "Portbou: Walter Benjamin." Trans. Barbara        Siegel Carlson. 16:1, 100.

Beyala, Callixthe. (French) "Birth of a Myth." Trans. Mariana Past. 11:1,        42.

Bialik, C.N. (Hebrew) "My Native Village and my Dream." Trans. David        Patterson, 7:1, 30.

Biermann, Wolf. (German) "Monkey on the Rocks (Affenfelsen)." Trans.        Ina Pfitzner. 9:2, 84.

Birstein, Yossel. (Yiddish) "Between the Olive Trees." Trans. Adi Mahalel. 23:1,


Bitar, Haifa. (Arabic) "Between the A and the Z." Trans. John Peate. 19.1-2,        254.

Blatny, Ivan. (Czech) "Historic Painting." Trans. Deborah H. Garfinkle.
       7:2, 50.
  ---"Soul." Trans. Garfinkle. 7:2, 50.
  ---"Variation." Trans. Garfinkle. 7:2, 48.

du Bocage, Manuel Maria Barbosa. (Portuguese) "Another (Outro)."        Trans. Alexis Levitin. 7:1, 136.

Bogliun, Loredana. (Dignanese dialect of Istria and Italian) "La piera, La        pietra, The Stone." Trans. Adeodato Piazza Nicolai. 14:1-2, 99.

Bondy, Egon. (Czech) "[Ghosts criss-cross over the fields (Pizraky chodi        po polich)]" Trans. Ron and Maria Nemcová Banerjee. 3:2, 128.

Borda, Itxaro. (Basque) "From Poems of the Infinite Silence." Trans. Iñaki        Mendiguren and Sarah J. Turtle. 12:1, 69.

Bosco, Henri. (French) "Megremut [opening of Chapter One of novel

       Malicroix]." Trans. Joyce Zonana. 23:2, 185.

Bosmeniel, Feliz M. Tanco Y. (Spanish) "Petrona and Rosalia." Trans.        Thomas Genova. 25.1, 162.

Bourquin, Marcel. (French) "A Love Letter." Trans. Elisabeth B. Leete. 4:1, 92.

Boukalas, Pantelis. (Greek) "Marsyas." Trans. Richard Berengarten and        Paschalis Nicolaou. 21:2, 16.

Boye, Karin. (Swedish) "A Painter's Wish." Trans. Gabriella Frykhamn and        Michael Joyce. 18:2, 60.
  ---"6." Trans. Frykhamn and Joyce. 18:2, 62.

Branco, Rosa Alice. (Portuguese) "The Eye of the Needle." Trans. Alexis        Levitin. 9:2, 48.
  ---"Mid-Winter Night's Dream." Trans. Levitin. 9:2, 48.
  ---"Opaqueness of the World." Trans. Levitin. 9:2, 50.
  ---"Room with Wicket Window." Trans. Levitin. 9:2, 50.
  ---"Day by Day." Trans. Levitin. 9:2, 52.
  ---"Endless, the Night." Trans. Levitin. 9:2, 52.
  ---"Notes for a Concert." Trans. Levitin. 9:2, 54.
  ---"27. (They flay rabbits).” Trans. Levitin. 25.1, 14.
  ---"29. (The men's hands would graze).” Trans. Levitin. 25.1, 14.
  ---"36. (In the winter there was no reason).” Trans. Levitin. 25.1, 16.
  ---"38. (In the summer the rooms).” Trans. Levitin. 25.1, 16.
  ---"39. (Sometimes it was known).” Trans. Levitin. 25.1, 18.
  ---"40. (It smelled of immaculate wax).” Trans. Levitin. 25.1, 18.
  ---"45. (The skylights can blind us).” Trans. Levitin. 25.1, 20.

Brandäo, Fiama Pais. (Portuguese) "Epistle to the Siren of a Boat." Trans.        Alexis Levitin. 8:2, 112.
  ---"Epistle to a Swan." Trans. Levitin. 8:2, 112.
  ---"Epistle to the Beloved." Trans. Levitin. 8:2, 114.
  ---"Epistle to a Mandolin, Always upon a Table." Trans. Levitin. 8:2, 114.
  ---"Epistle to Daedalus." Trans. Levitin. 8:2, 116.
  ---"Epistle to an Equinox." Trans. Levitin. 8:2, 116.
  ---"Epistle to a Sundial with the Inscription 'Carpe Diem.'" Trans. Levitin.        8:2, 116.
  ---"Epistle to Myself, Long Ago, on All Saints Day." Trans. Levitin. 8:2,        118.
  ---"Epistle to the Sun." Trans. Levitin. 8:2, 118.
  ---"Memorandum on a Window that Taps like the Beak of a Raven."        Trans. Levitin. 8:2, 118.
  ---"Memorandum for a Fable." Trans. Levitin. 8:2, 120.
  ---"Memorandum for Myself, Thinking of Keats." Trans. Levitin. 8:2,        120.

Brandt, Per Aage. (Danish). "50 existence, for god's sake,." Trans. Thom

       Satterlee. 23:2, 146.

  ---"49 why should one rant and rage." Trans. Satterlee. 23:2, 146.

  ---"44 she stands at the window, which." Trans. Satterlee. 23:2, 146.

Braque, Georges. (French) "A Few Aphorisms." Trans. Melinda Kennedy.        4:1, 26.


Bressane, Ronaldo. (Portuguese) "The Cyber-Monkeys of Lokombia." Trans.
        Sandro Barros. 24:1-2, 72.

de Breteuil, Gabrielle Emilie Le Tonnelier. (French) "Discourse on        Happiness." Trans. Erik Liddell. 16:1, 274.

Brito, Christiana de Caldas. (Italian) "I, Fingertip 5,423." Trans. Giovanna        Bellesia and Victoria Offredi Poletto. 14:1-2, 99.

Brodsky, Joseph. (Russian) "The Jewish Cemetery." Trans. Laszlo Tikos.        4:2, 4.
  ---"Landscape with Flood." Trans. Tikos with Melinda Kennedy. 5:1, 6.
  ---"The Town We Lived In." Trans. Tikos with Kennedy. 5:1, 8.
  ---"To the Up-coming Century." Trans. Tikos with Kennedy. 5:1, 10.
  ---"After Auden." Trans. Tikos with Kennedy. 5:1, 14.
  ---"MCMXCIV." Trans. Tikos with Kennedy. 5:1, 16.
  ---"After Us, Of Course." Trans. Tikos with Kennedy. 5:1, 18.
  ---"In the Byzantine Manner." Trans. Tikos with Kennedy. 5:1, 20.

Bronsard, Marie. (French) "Glances." Trans. Sonia Alland with Bronsard.        16:2, 176.

Brossa, Joan. (Catalan) "Man." Trans. John London. 5:2, 127.
  ---"After..." Trans. London. 5:2, 128.
  ---"Bridge." Trans. London. 5:2, 128.
  ---"Performance." Trans. London. 5:2, 128.
  ---"War." Trans. London. 5:2, 128.
  ---"A Fish." Trans. London. 5:2, 130.
  ---"Here There's a Wall." Trans. London. 5:2, 130.
  ---"That's How I'd Paint You." Trans. London. 5:2, 130.
  ---"A Man Sneezes." Trans. London. 5:2, 132.

Bruveris, Peters. (Latvian) "Untitled." Trans. Inara Cedrins. 16:2, 60.
  ---"Stone." Trans. Inara Cedrins. 16:2, 60.
  ---"Untitled." Trans. Inara Cedrins. 16:2, 62.
  ---"Morning in the Meadows." Inara Cedrins. 16:2, 64.
  ---"City Courtyard." Inara Cedrins. 16:2, 64.

Bulgakov, Mikhail (adapted by Veniamin Smekhov). "Two scenes from        the stage adaptation of Master and Margarita: 'Satan's Ball' and 'By        Candlelight.'" Trans. Alexander and Catherine Woronzoff-      
       Dashkoff. 10:2, 214.

Bursa, Andrzej. (Polish) "Farewell to my Dog." Trans. Kevin Christianson        and Halina Ablamowicz. 13:2, 64.
  ---"My Hunt." Trans. Christianson and Ablamowicz. 13:2, 66.