Index of Translators and Contributors



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  ---"An Introduction to Galician Poetry." 22:1-2, 14.
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  ---(Galego) Manuel Rivas, "Suicidio campesino (Those Who Die on the        Land)." 22:1-2, 80.
  ---(Galego) Rivas, "Agua na man (Water in His Hands)." 22:1-2, 80.
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       24:1-2, 105.

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  ---(French) Villon, "Another Ballade." 20:2, 36.
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  ---(French) Villon, "Ballade to his Girlfriend." 23:1, 128.
  ---(French) Eugene Guillevic, “The Flower.” 25.2, 102.
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  ---(Bosnian) Durakovic, "It's April." 12:1-2, 110.
  ---(Bosnian) Durakovic, "November, Raging Through Rooms." 12:1-2,        111.
  ---(Bosnian) Durakovic, "On What I Have Known for a Long Time."
        12:1-2, 112.
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  ---(French) Apollinaire, "Sung for Laetre One Year Ago." 25.1, 26.
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  ---(Bulgarian) Konstantin Pavlov, poems. 9:2, 184.

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  ---(French) Villon, "Bequest of a Ballade for Fat Margot." 18:2, 100.