FOR A SPECIAL ISSUE OF THE LITERARY TRANSLATION JOURNAL METAMORPHOSES, LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES OF CHINA AND THE DIASPORA (working title).  The issue will be published either in fall 2017 or as a 2018 double issue, to appear in spring 2018.


We are soliciting submissions of unpublished translations of poetry and prose from any period of Chinese history.  Translations of literary works written originally in the dialects such as Cantonese, Taiwanese, and Hakkanese languages are also welcome.


We do not accept multiple submissions, i.e. anything submitted simultaneously to another venue.


We need both the source language text and the translation for every submission.  For poetry, both the source language text and the translation must be submitted in Word, or in rtf.


For prose, the translation must be submitted in Word or rtf, but the source text may be submitted as a pdf.


The translator's name should appear on a separate page, and not appear anywhere in the translated document, since all submissions are sent out to qualified readers for double-blind peer review.


Do not include any headers or footers.  Do not embed any special formatting.


It is the responsibility of the translator to secure permission to publish the translation, and in the case of poetry, to reprint the source text, from any and all copyright holders.


All submissions should be accompanied by a brief bio for both the author of the source text and the translator.


Submissions that do not comply with these guidelines will not be considered.


Send submissions to the guest editor, Sujane Wu,


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