Metamorphoses is the journal of the Five College
Faculty Seminar on Literary translation. Published in
the spring and fall, the journal provides a forum for literary
translation out of (and into) all languages, and for papers
on the theory and practice of literary translation.

The next general issue is scheduled to appear in Spring 2019. The deadline for submissions is December 1, 2018. We have a rolling acceptance policy.

The 2018 Double Issue is dedicated to languages and literatures of China and the Chinese diaspora.


Click here for more information on submitting to the upcoming special issue on Languages and Literatures of China and the Chinese Diaspora.***

Click Here: From the Forthcoming Spring 2019 issue (27.1)

Chinese Literature Double Issue (26.1-2)

Fall 2017 (25.2)

Spring 2017 (25.1)


Brazilian Literature Double Issue (24.1-2)

Fall 2015 (23.2)

Spring 2015 (23.1)


Galician Poetry Double Issue (22.1-2)


Fall 2013 (21.2)

Spring 2013 (21.1)

Fall 2012 (20.2)

Spring 2012 (20.1)

Special Arabic Double Issue (19.1-2)

Fall 2010 (18.2)

Spring 2010 (18.1)


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