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Not every course listed below is offered each semester.

For course descriptions and current course offerrings please consult the Smith College Course Catalog.

Please be sure to consult the Five College online catalog for relevant courses offered elsewhere in the consortium. Upper level Hebrew is offered at the University of Massachusetts. Consult an adviser in advance to determine whether a course taken at another campus will count towards the minor.

Five College Center for the Study of World Languages

The Five College Center for the Study of World Languages offers a mentored language program in Turkish, Persian, and high intermediate/advanced Arabic. Courses are for self-motivated students and combine individual study and conversation sessions.


ARA 100Y Elementary Arabic

JUD 100Y Elementary Modern Hebrew

ARA 200 Intermediate Arabic I

ARA 201 Intermediate Arabic II

ARA 300 Advanced Arabic I

ARA 301 Advanced Arabic II

MES 390 Media Arabic

Advanced study in Hebrew is offered at UMass or through Special Studies at Smith.
Please consult the website of the Program in Jewish Studies (www.smith.edu/jud) for a full list of summer Hebrew language programs.

Middle East Courses

MES 220 The Arab Spring

MES 230 Society and Development in the Middle East

MES 235 Perspective on the Arab-Israeli Conflict

MES 380 Seminar: Authoritarianism in the Middle East

Cross-listed Courses

ARH 280 Art Historical Studies
Age of Imperial Encounter: 19th-Century Art of the Middle East

ART 228 Islamic Art and Architecture

FRN 230 Colloquium in French Studies
French Islam

FYS 157 Syria Beyond the Headlines

FYS 186 Israel: Texts and Contexts

GOV 224 Colloquium: Islam and Development

GOV 325 Seminar in Gender in Global Perspective
Women's Movements in the Middle East

GOV 326 Seminar in Comparative Politics
The Middle East and North Africa

GOV 341 Seminar in International Politics
The Middle East in World Affairs

HST 208(L) The Making of the Modern Middle East

HST 209(C) Aspects of Middle Eastern History
Madrasas, Missionaries, and Modernities: Education in Middle Eastern History

HST 227(C) Aspects of Medieval European History
Crusade and Jihad: Religious Violence in the Islamo-Christian Tradition

HST 307 Problems in Middle East History
The Middle East and World War One

JUD 288 History of Israel

MUS 220 Topics in World Music
Popular Music of the Islamic World

REL 110 Colloquia: Thematic Studies in Religion
The Holy Land

REL 245 The Islamic Tradition

REL 246 Islamic Thought and the Challenge of Modernity

REL 248 Topics in Modern Islam
Topic: Jihad

REL 345 Seminar: Islamic Thought
Topic: The Qur’an

SPN 245 Topics in Latin American and Peninsular Studies
Topic: Jewish Women of the Muslim Mediterranean

SPN 250 Survey of Iberian Literatures and Society I
Sex and the Medieval City

SPN 332 Seminar: The Middle Ages Today
Queer Andalus and North Africa