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Lola Ridge
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Lola Ridge: Postscript

American composer Charles Howard Marsh (1886-1956) wrote music for Lola Ridge’s poem “Dawn,” while he was professor of organ at the University of Florida, Gainesville. He inscribed the sheet music on 29 September 1934: “For Miss Lola Ridge, this bit of broken glass which reflects, I hope, some of the beauty of this splendid poem.” “Dawn” was collected in Ridge’s first book, The Ghetto, in 1918.

Sheet music, 1934

Lola Ridge, "Dawn." Music by Charles H. Marsh, signed autograph score, 29 September 1934.

Card, 1941

Lola Ridge, "Morning is a bird set for flight," picture postcard, 1941

The picture postcard pairs a favorite line of Ridge’s poetry from Firehead with a photograph by Harry Godfrey of a bird sculpture made from the horn of a steer, which Ridge brought back from Mexico in 1935. The postcard was tucked into Ridge’s diary after her last entry on Easter Monday, 14 April 1941.

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