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Congress, 2001-Present

I am a firm believer in "chapters" in professional life, and plan to have several more in my next decades.

Karin Fischer. "A Woman of Intelligence." Smith Alumnae Quarterly 91:4 (summer 2005): 24-29.


Jane Lakes Harman. "Thoughts for Smith '66." With a Little Help from My Friends: Smith College Class of 1966 Twenty-fifth Reunion, 1991.

After losing the primary to Gray Davis, Harman taught classes in public policy and international relations at the University of California at Los Angeles. She also served on the board of Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles.

Harman was reelected to Congress in 2000. Minority Leader Richard Gephardt restored her seniority and committee positions when she returned to Congress. Harman's important accomplishments in Congress over the past six years are summarized in the Smith Alumnae Quarterly article on display, particularly her work on national security.

In what future race will Harman run? Perhaps this superwoman, mother of four, grandmother (of Lucy, named after Harman's mother, born to Hilary and Andrew Peck on 14 March 2006), devoted wife, successful political negotiator, and woman of action will consider a higher office one day? As she wrote in her twenty-fifth reunion book, "The mature years of one's career will bring rewards not sought and disappointments despite substantial effort. I am a firm believer in 'chapters' in professional life, and plan to have several more in my next decades."

Jane Harman jogging, n.d.

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