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National Congress of Neighborhood Women
Lesson Plan

Lesson Topic: Women in the Community
Grade: High School
Class: American History
Approx. Class. Time: 5 class periods

Lesson Objective: The students will research and create a case study as an illustration of the different programs created by the National Congress of Neighborhood Women.

Materials Needed: The National Congress of Neighborhood Women: "Background Information",
17 Oct. 1984, that includes "A Sample of Projects and Activities, 1975-1984," rev. 1 Nov. 1984.

Activity: The students should be split up into several groups. Have groups look at the list of programs and activities that the NCNW created as part of their organization. Once groups have picked a program that interests them, have them create a case study or scenario in which a woman needs helps and turns to the organization. Students should go to the library to familiarize themselves with terms, such as "redlining" and why that could create problems for women trying to obtain housing. Once their case study is complete, have all the groups present their cases to the class as if in a staff meeting. There should be a follow up discussion for each case study done.

Selected Suggested Readings:
Mary F. Belenky, "The National Congress of Neighborhood Women," A Tradition That Has No
(New York: Basic Books, 1997).

Temma Kaplan, Crazy for Democracy: Women in Grassroots Movements (New York:
          Routledge, 1997).

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