P.S. 125 Man.

Anne G. Ruddy, principal


March 24, 1965

I.    Guest Speaker- Mr. Eric Morton from Student Non-Violent Co-ordinating
      Committee (S.N.C.C.)

A) Mr. Morton showed the movie, "We Will Never Turn Back."

1) It dealt with the difficulties of voter registration in the deep South.

B) Discussion period:

1) S.N.C.C. is an organization for young people.

2) S.N.C.C. does not have a clearly defined purpose. "We do not
     have any philosophy or purpose. We are a group of organizers
     trying to form voter leagues, student unions and student groups
     to discuss issues."

3) There are many different Civil Rights organizations, each has its
     own purpose and method.

4) Answering of all questions.

C.) Suggestions for C.O.C.R.

1) We should send half the money we collect for Dr. King to
     S.N.C.C. since both groups are working in the South.

2) Keep informed on all issues.

3) Write letters to our Congressional leaders.

Part II. Class discussion and follow up:

A) Whether or not to split the money collected between S.N.C.C and S.C.L.C.

1) It was voted to send all the money collected to Dr. King. The reasons
     for this were:

a) We planned a fund raising campaign for Dr. King only. (as was
     suggested by Mr. Early- N.A.A.C.P.)

b) When asking for contributions we said the money was for Dr. King.
     Therefore it would be wrong to split the money now.

c) We wrote Dr. King telling him about our drive.

d) At a later date we may want to do something for S.N.C.C.

B) Reaction to speaker:

1) Difficult to understand and he spoke "above us."

2) It was wrong to ask us to share the money.

3) He had different ideas than Mr. Early.

4) It's good to get different opinions on the same topic.

5) He was very sincere.

Transcription of March 24, 1965 C.O.C.R. Meeting Notes

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