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[Philip Leslie Hale to his daughter Nancy in New York City, circa 1929]

Darling old Nancy Rosebud:
      I loved Johnny Marshall's (orf'ly [sic] partial) present1 to you. Very naughty but rather nice. I love that sort of chair--but think there is something very sweet in nature when unadorned--as per illustration.
      Naturally, I assume you'ld [sic] hardly remember the famous first time when I forgot to put in the little sorter [sic] stake in front--so that you being very top-heavy fell on your sweet lil rarrystocratic [sic] nose. I felt so 'shamed.
      All this makes me remember so many things about you. When I used to "warm" your milk at 5 am. And when it was ready sing "Then here we are Then here we are" and you would jounce up and down, arching your little belly in a most wonderful way. I don't see how you missed busting a gut.
      I always meant to paint you sitting at a table with breakfast things in front and a rubber cow. You were to be holding a toy balloon--with a light figured wall paper behind. Alas, it didn't get done, like so many things but it would have been nice to remember you by.
      I have just been reading Vanity Fair. Rather amusing article by Aldous Huxley about Vamps. He distinguishes between fleshly Vamps and Spiritual Vamps--and hates the latter and I imagine he's right in that. Its [sic] probably all right for a woman to try to attract a man physically, but silly for her to attempt to dominate his mind. Are you a Vamp sweet daughter of mine? Do you try to raise Hell with men, and make them be on their backs and put their paws in the air. How glad I am that I love you like Hell-boys as a Papa--but am not in love like a lover.

                                Your most loveracious old
                                 Each drawing represents a kiss.

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1. Nancy's friend Johnny Marshall had sent her a potty trainer for the baby she was expecting.

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