'Ms.' Magazine, Spring, 1992

'Ms.' magazine cover

In 1972 Gloria Steinem founded Ms. magazine, a new feminist journal written by women for women. She was responsible for every part of this preview issue, from her article on “Sisterhood” to selecting the poem “Three Women” by her former classmate Sylvia Plath ’55.

Betty Friedan, a 1942 graduate of Smith College, is often credited with starting the modern women’s movement in 1963 with The Feminine Mystique. Her book spoke primarily to disenfranchised women in the suburbs. Steinem’s publications and feminist activism extended the umbrella of the women’s movement to include women of color, lesbians, and working-class women.

Steinem is currently writing Traveling By Heart: My Life on the Road in America, an on-the-road book about traveling in the United States as a feminist organizer for more than thirty years.

Presented by Ann Safford Mandel ’53
Mortimer Rare Book Room, Smith College

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