Letters Home: Sylvia Plath

Selected and edited with commentary by Aurelia Plath.
New York: Harper & Row, 1975.

As a corrective to the American edition of The Bell Jar, Aurelia Plath published a selection of her daughter’s letters in 1975. Most of Sylvia’s “smart-tongued” comments and sexual references were excised from the text by her mother. The April 29, 1956 letter on display about Plath’s future husband, Ted Hughes, is full of ellipses: “He tells me dreams, marvelous colored dreams, about certain red foxes . . .” The original letters, which are preserved at Indiana University in Bloomington, present a different person from the sanitized “Sivvy” of Letters Home.

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Presented by Aurelia Schober Plath
Mortimer Rare Book Room

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