Charles Skaggs Book Jacket Collection

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John Berryman - Love and Fame
Marie-Clair Blais - The Mauscripts of Pauline Archange T. A. Dorey, ed. - Erasmus Richard Ellis - General Pope and U. S. Indian Policy John McVickar Haight, Jr. - American Aid to France 1938-1940 Paul Horgan - Maurice Baring Restored
Edward Kerney - Thurman Arnold, Social Critic Brendan Liddell, tr. - Kant on the Foundation of Morality William Longacre - Reconstruction Prehistoric Pueblo Societies Frederick Nunn - Chilean Politics 1920-1931 Sergio Pacifici, ed. - From Verismo to Experimentalism Stephen Fox - The Guardian of Boston
David Greenhood - The Writer on his Own
West T. Hill, Jr. - The Theatre in Early Kentucky, 1790-1820 Ved Mehta - John is Easy to Please David Thompson, ed. - The Idea of Rome Flannery O'Connor - The Complete Stories
Paul Horgan - Encounters with Stravinsky
Alfonso Ortiz, ed. - New Perspectives on the Pueblos David Wharton - The Alaska Gold Rush 1973
Angelica Balabanoff - My Life as a Rebel
John Deane - The Strange Alliance Theodore Geiger - The Fortunes of the West
Hilton Kramer - The Age of the Avant-Garde Margaret Leighton - Shelley's Mary Robert Lowell - The Dolphin Jonathan Rubinstein - City Police Mark Van Doren - Good Morning Paul Horgan - Approaches to Writing
Munro Edmonson, ed. - Sixteenth-century Mexico
Barbara Jelavich - St. Petersburg and Moscow Milton Lomask - The First American Revolution Harry Moore - The Priest of Love Jean Edward Smith - The Papers of General Lucius D. Clay

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