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student demonstration 1969
Student demonstration, August 1969. Photographer unknown.
Dance card 1906
Dance Card for Junior Promenade, Smith College, May 16, 1906. Photographer unknown.
Smith College field hockey team 1905
Smith College field hockey team, 1905. Photographer unknown.
Sophmore Carnival 1922
Leapfrogging on ice, class of 1924, Sophmore Carnival in 1922. Photographer unknown.
Picnic on Mt. Holyoke 1890
Picnic on Mt. Holyoke, May 17, 1890. Photograph by Charlotte Shrive.
Swing in orchard near Neilson Library
Swinging in orchard at the side of Neilson Library, 1893-94. Photographer unknown.
Smith College String Quartet 1927
Portrait of Smith College String Quartet classes of '29, '27, and '30. Photographer unknown.
Smith College students skiing 1940
Smith College students skiing, 1940. Photograph by Fred G. Chase, Northampton, Mass.
Rope fire drill 1920-39
Rope fire drill, circa 1920-1939. Photographer unknown.
Diploma Circle Smith College  Graduation
Diploma Circle, Smith College Graduation, 1994. Photographer unknown.
Scene from Man and the Masses
Scene from Man and the Masses a dance drama under the direction of Edith Burnett of the Dept. of Physical Eduction, n.d. Photographer unknown.
Park House group 1925
Park House group, 1925. Photographer unknown.
Haven House 1911
Miss Eastman reading aloud in Haven House, c. 1911. Photographer unknown.
Hatfield House 1888
Hatfield House, c. 1888. Mary Augusta Jordan, faculty resident at far right; Fanny C. Hesse, Lady in Charge, center. Photo by Epler & Arnold, Saratoga, NY.
Tea party at Smith College 1892
"A Memorial of exams, essays, metrical travilations [sic] and the like." Tea party with Bertha Allen and Helen Lambert, 12 March 1892.
Haven House fireside 1904
Haven House fireside, 1904. Photograph by Kath. E. McClellan.
Women playing basketball 1903
"Ball about to be tossed up at centre" (Senda Berenson holding ball). Illustration for 1903 edition of Basket Ball for Women. Photograph by Kath. E. McClellan.
Haven House dining room 1904
Haven House dining room, 1904. Photograph by Kath. E. McClellan.
Ivy Day 1895
Ivy Day, 1895.
Photographer unknown.
The Amazon dramatics 1896
The Amazons dramatics at Dickinson House, 1896. Photographer unknown.
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