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Florence Bannard Adams
Florence Bannard Adams, class of 1905. Photographer unknown, n.d.
Newton Arvin
Newton Arvin, professor of English Languages and Literature, 1922-1960. Photograph by Eric Stahlberg, n.d.
Albert F. Blakeslee
Albert F. Blakeslee, professor of Botany, 1942-54. Photographer unknown, n.d.
Mary Ellen Chase
Mary Ellen Chase, professor of English, 1937-68. Photograph by Eric Stahlberg, 1941.
Alfred Einstein
Alfred Einstein, professor of Music. Photographer unknown, n.d.
Caroline Macomber Fuller
Caroline Macomber Fuller, class of 1895. Photographer unknown, n.d.
William Ganong
William Ganong, professor of Botany and Director of Botanic Gardesn, 1894-1932. Photograph by Pach Bothers, New York, 1895.
Ivan Gorokhoff
Ivan Gorokhoff, Music director at Smith College, 1918-1945. Photograph by Eric Stahlberg, 1926.
Harriet Boyd Hawes
Harriet Boyd Hawes, Instructor of Greek, archaeologist, nurse, relief worker, 1888-1967. Photographer unknown, 1904.
Henry-Russell Hitchcock
Henry-Russell Hitchcock, Architectural historian and professor, with student. Photograph by Hanson Carroll, Norwich Vermont, n.d.
Randolf W. Johnston
Randolf W. Johnston working on Hillyer bas relief. Photography by Fred. G. Chase, Northampton, MA, n.d.
Oliver W. Larkin
Oliver W. Larkin, professor of Art, 1924-63, working on a set for The Lute Song. Photographer unknown, 1955.
Marjorie H. Nicolson
Marjorie H. Nicolson, professor of English, 1892-1981. Photograph by Eric Stahlberg, 1930.
Annie Peck Smith
Annie Peck Smith, professor of Latin, 1866-1888. Photograph by Epler and Arnold, n.d. 
Sophia Smith 1858
Sophia Smith (1796-1809),
founder of Smith College Portrait, c. 1858.
Faculty Barber Shoppe Quartetto
Barber Shoppe Quartetto in Faculty Show, Twang the Lyre, 1955. Manuel E. Duran, Richard P. Unsworth, Louis Cohn-Haft, John W. Duke. Photographer unknown.
Class of 1905 bathing costumes
Class of 1905 bathing costumes: (left-right) Helen Brook Dill, Alice Evans, Florence Spears Bannard, Genevieve Hall Scofiled, Katharine De La Vergne, Helen Rogers. Photographer unknown.
Class of 1899 and 1900
Tree on Lyman Estate with (top to bottom) George Montgomery, Dorothea Kotzschmar, class of 1899; and Emma Winchester, class of 1900. Photogapher unknown, n.d.
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