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Latest News - Updated January 8, 2018

As we head into the New Year, Neilson Project activity will focus on the complete removal of the Neilson north additions and the removal of the central core of the 1909 building. In the 1909 building, temporary steel supports have been installed to brace the exterior façade to replace the support provided by the interior floor plates and the roof structure, all of which will be removed. In the south addition, a drilling rig has been lowered into the basement and is in the process of installing (minipiles) steel tubes into the bedrock into which high pressure grout will be pumped. These minipiles will both anchor the existing foundations to remain and provide support for the new construction. Based on the latest schedule from the contractor, here is the activity outlined by time period and proximity.

Interterm - January 3 through January 23

Moderate noise impact Hatfield and Wright Hall – Demolition of the 1982 building and the loading and trucking of building materials off the site. The truck route for demolition materials will be through the Burton lawn side of the site to Green Street.

Moderate noise impact Bass, Young Halls and Lawrence House – Increased trucking activity for demolition materials from Burton Lawn to Green Street.

Spring Semester - January 25 through February 28

Moderate to elevated noise impact Hatfield and Wright Hall – An excavator will be positioned on the Hatfield/Wright Hall side of the site to excavate soil for removal by dump trucks.  The trucks will enter and exit from Dickinson Lot and travel on the east, Neilson lawn side of the site. As soil removal progresses, concrete trucks will be delivering and pouring cement into the excavated hole for the new building support slabs.

Moderate to elevated noise impact Bass, Young, Lawrence House – Demolition will be underway on the south additions with materials trucked out through Dickinson Lot. 

Neilson Library Construction Open Forum, October 24, 2017

PDF iconNeilson Construction Fall 2017.pdf

Need to know how to get around construction?

See Central Campus Pedestrian and Vehicle Map.

For more information about construction projects on campus, see the Smith College Construction Projects Map.


Charlie Conant 
Project Manager
Facilities Management
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Capital Construction Director
Facilities Management
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