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January Leadership Intensive
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January Leadership Intensive


"The Phoebe Lewis Leadership Program is the best leadership program I have been a part of…Working with Jeanette and Maria taught me so much about my own personal leadership style and how to work with others. They taught me many different skills, but moreover they emphasized the importance of women leaders in real-life situations…I found myself in a group with women from Nepal, China, and Zimbabwe. Sitting together for hours on end, working hard to solve funding issues for a nonprofit [organization] and then laughing until we cried, I realized that this is exactly what all the women meant when they told me I would become a global leader if I attended Smith."

Margaret "Meg" Richardson '14

"Lewis Leadership exceeded my expectations in every aspect! I learned so much in just two weeks! The speakers were not only knowledgeable but also very approachable and definitely successful in creating an environment that was both challenging and fun at the same time. The sessions were extremely interesting and included training in negotiation, cost-benefit analysis, presentation skills and intercultural communication. Learning how to project our voices in a presentation and how to apply conflict resolution strategies to real-world problems were only a few of the highlights of this program. We even had the opportunity to meet the mayor of Northampton and become well informed on the city's inner workings. Now, looking back to the remarkable professionals I met, the skills I cultivated and the friends I made, I'm certain that I couldn't have chosen a better way to spend my J-term!"

Yenisleidy "Yeni" Simon, AC