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Job Search Best Practices

Students are responsible for accurate representation of their academic records and experiences on their resumes and in an interview. The Lazarus Center for Career Development cannot knowingly send out incorrect information.

Candidates should sign up for interviews only when genuinely interested in the position. Interviewing "for practice" takes advantage of recruiters and limits opportunities for other students who may be sincerely interested in the opportunities being offered. It also alienates the employer.

Second interviews are usually held at the organization's home office; travel expenses are often paid by the organization. When invited for a second interview, candidates should discuss which costs the organization will cover. Typically, reimbursements are limited to travel, automobile rental (if required), room accommodations, and meals.

An accepted offer is a contractual agreement that is expected to be honored. After accepting an offer, candidates should withdraw from the interviewing process and notify other organizations with offers pending.