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Praxis pays stipends to undergraduate students with qualified, unpaid internships. Stipend recipients must work a minimum of 220 hours and at least 5.5 weeks. There are no exceptions.

Your stipend will be paid to you in two installments. You will receive the first portion of your awarded stipend before or at the beginning of your internship.

Your second check of $200 will be issued to you after you have completed your internship, submitted a Summer Activity Report, and after your supervisor has submitted a letter or e-mail commenting on your work performance and confirming that you completed a minimum of 220 hours.

Low-Paid Internships

If you will be paid a salary for your internship that is less than your grant award, you have the option of applying for reduced Praxis funding to supplement your employer-paid salary. The total amount of your employer-paid salary plus Praxis funding may not exceed your Praxis grant award amount, and you will not be eligible for any additional Praxis funds in the future.

Other Smith Funding

Praxis funding may NOT be combined with any other Smith grants. Exception: Fox Borstein/Leena Brown Funds may be combined with your Praxis funds, however you must provide a budget that demonstrates the need for combined funding. Combined total cannot exceed $4400.

International Students

If you are an international student, taxes will be withheld from your Praxis payments. Exceptions are made, however, for international students whose home countries maintain tax treaties for scholarships with the United States. If your country maintains such a treaty you may receive a tax waiver for your Praxis stipend by filing the required forms.Contact the Payroll and Disbursements Office to find out your country's tax treaty status and to obtain forms.

When to expect your first check

It may take 3-4 weeks to receive your first check after your application has been approved, or longer than 3-4 weeks if you submit your application closer to the deadline.

When to expect your second check

You can expect your second and final installment of $200 approximately 3-4 weeks after BOTH of the following items have been submitted to the Lazarus Center:

Your second check will be direct deposited to your account or mailed to the address you indicate at the bottom of the Summer Activity Report.

Mailing checks

If you are currently active for direct deposit for payroll, your Praxis stipend will be direct deposited to that same account. If you are not set up for direct deposit, you may choose whether you want your first check mailed to your campus mailbox or to your permanent mailing address. Checks will not be sent to any other addresses.*

*If your permanent home mailing address is outside of the United States, you can request that your check be mailed to a U.S. address.

If You Don't Complete the Required 220 Hours

If, for extraordinary circumstances, you are forced to leave your internship before you have completed 220 work hours, you must call the Praxis Data Assistant at the Lazarus Center before you leave or, if that is not possible, immediately after. 

Students who receive Praxis stipends are expected to fulfill their commitment of 220 work hours before the beginning of the fall semester. If unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances dictate that you must leave, you will be obligated to reimburse Smith College a pro-rated portion of your Praxis stipend, or the entire award that was given to you. The amount you owe will be placed on your next tuition bill.