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To receive Praxis funding, you must get sign-offs from

Faculty Sign-off

You are required to communicate your internship plans and learning goals to your major or pre-major advisor*. A faculty sign-off is not an approval of your application for Praxis funding. It is a confirmation that you and your adviser have communicated about your specific internship plans and goals.

You do not need to have completed a Praxis Funding application before you get a faculty sign-off. In asking to speak with your adviser, always be considerate of his or her schedule. Try to meet with your adviser early in the spring semester, or during your regular meeting for academic advising.

Topics to discuss with your adviser include:

Your adviser can either e-mail praxis@smith.edu to say that an internship-related conversation has taken place, or sign the Faculty Adviser form (below). Attach this form to your Praxis application.

Faculty Adviser Sign-Off Form (PDF)

Faculty Sign-Offs for Students Abroad
If you are on a Smith junior year abroad program in Geneva, Florence, Hamburg or Paris, you may ask the director of your JYA program to sign off on your application.

If you are on a Junior Year Abroad program other than those run by Smith, please e-mail a description of your internship and your written statements to your Smith major or pre-major adviser, and ask your professor to e-mail praxis@smith.edu to confirm that he or she has read your materials.

Lazarus Center Staff Sign-off

A Lazarus Center staff member must sign your application to confirm that it fulfills criteria for Praxis funding.

To obtain a Lazarus Center sign-off, schedule a Praxis Express appointment. This is a 20-min appointment with a to have your application reviewed and approved on-the-spot
If your application is not complete, the staff member will give you clear instructions on what

or give you immediate feedback on what part of your application needs to be strengthened or changed in order to be approved for Praxis funding.

Call (413) 585-2582 to make an appointment.

Lazarus Center Approval for Students Abroad
If you are on a JYA program, send your completed application with supporting materials to the Lazarus Center by by e-mail (praxis@smith.edu) or fax (413-585-2596). You will be notified by e-mail of the status of your application.