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Guidelines & Regulations

Many organizations offering summer internships compensate interns by giving them valuable supervision, training and work experience in place of salaries. All Praxis funded internships are unpaid; any compensation from a host organization will be deducted from the Praxis grant.

**Organizations requesting a Smith sign-off on liability waivers, assumption of risk forms, or a memo of understanding must contact Beth Carmichael, Five College Risk Manager directly by email at ecarmich@mtholyoke.edu or by phone at 413-538-2730.

Internships That Qualify for Praxis Funding

To qualify for Praxis funding you must work a minimum of 220 hours at your internship. Internships must be at organizations not affiliated with Smith College. You may work a part- or full-time schedule, as long as you complete 220 hours during your summer break.

An internship qualifies for Praxis funding if it:

If You Don't Complete Your Required 220 Hours

If, for extraordinary circumstances, you are forced to leave your internship before you have completed 220 work hours, you must call the Praxis Data Assistant at the Lazarus Center before you leave or, if that is not possible, immediately after.

Students who receive Praxis stipends are expected to fulfill their commitment of 220 work hours before the beginning of the fall semester. If unforeseeable and unavoidable circumstances dictate that you must leave, you will be obligated to reimburse Smith College a pro-rated portion of your Praxis stipend, or the entire award that was given to you. The amount you owe will be placed on your next tuition bill.


An internship does not qualify for Praxis funding if it does not meet the criteria listed above or if:

Note: The Lazarus Center has the right to reject any internship it deems inappropriate.