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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on a question to get the answer.

When is the Praxis application deadline?

The entire Praxis Funding application is due Thursday, May 3, 2018 by 4:30 pm. This includes the following: all application forms, written statements, supervisor confirmation form, supervisor letter or email, resume, faculty adviser sign-off. If interning abroad also include: travel registry and travel waiver forms.

What are the stipend amounts?

  • Domestic Internships (in one’s home country/place of current residency): $3000
  • International Internships (not in the U.S. and NOT in one’s home country): $4000
  • Click here for details

When can I expect my first and second payments?

First Payment:

  • Once your application has been approved, expect it to take 3-4 weeks to receive your first payment.
  • If you submit your application closer to the deadline, it may take more than 3-4 weeks.

Second Payment:

How many hours/weeks are required for my Praxis internship?

Eligible internships must be:

  • A minimum of 220 hours
  • A minimum of 5.5 weeks (A maximum of 40 hours per week)
  • There are absolutely no exceptions.

Can I submit parts of my application and submit the remaining forms later?

Your application will not be considered for approval until all documents have been received. All parts of the application must be submitted before the deadline.

I'm a rising senior with a credit shortage. Can I still do Praxis?

You must get approval from your class dean and have it sent via email to praxis@smith.edu.

Can I use my Praxis stipend at two internships?

You cannot split your Praxis internship; it must take place at one organization.

Do I need my liberal arts adviser's signature on my application?

After you and your adviser have communicated about your specific internship plans and goals:

  • Submit your Faculty Sign-Off form with your Praxis Funding application -OR-
  • Your adviser may email confirming the approval to praxis@smith.edu.
  • If your major adviser is on sabbatical you must have the department chair sign or email us.

Can I use my Praxis funding to do an internship a Smith College?

Internships must be at organizations not affiliated with Smith College.

My internship supervisor is out of the office and won't be available until after the Praxis application deadline. What should I do?

Make your internship supervisor aware as soon as possible that they must submit their supervisor confirmation form AND a letter/or email to the Lazarus Center by the Praxis deadline or your application will not be considered.

Can I still receive Praxis if I receive a salary from my employer?

The total amount of your employer-paid salary combined with Praxis funding may not exceed the Praxis grant award amount, and you will not be eligible for any additional Praxis funds in the future.

My supervisor does not speak english. Can I submit a supervisor letter in another language?

Your supervisor letter must be translated either by another staff member at your organization or a faculty member.

Can I work remotely and check in with my supervisor weekly?

Internships must take place at the organization's work site, except when interns conduct work in the field, or attend meetings or conferences.

Do I need to meet with a Lazarus Center Advisor to submit my completed Praxis application?

Scheduling a Praxis Express appointment with an adviser to have your application reviewed assures that:

  • You will know on the spot if your application is complete.
  • If complete, you will know if your application is approved.
  • This appointment is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended.
  • Praxis Express appointments start in March and are available through deadline day. It takes about 20 minutes. Call 413-585-2582 to schedule.

I'm having trouble writing 300 words for some of the written statements. What should I do?

When we evaluate your Praxis application for approval, the information you provide in your written statements is critically important in our decision-making process. It's our job to make sure your internship meets all goals and required criteria before we give it our stamp of approval. 

Praxis internships are intended to help you apply the theoretical learning of your liberal arts education to a field of work; gain broader exposure to opportunities beyond Smith and beyond the classroom; acquire first hand access to the institutions, problems, and conditions that you are studying; obtain the hands-on experience and skills valued by employers and graduate schools; and work closely with professionals to gain a deeper knowledge of a particular field. 

Your written statements should also reflect a deep understanding of the internship you've accepted, and show us how you've prepared to have a successful, meaningful internship experience. It should be apparent to us that you've spoken at length with your supervisor about your responsibilities and schedule. Do you and your supervisor have a mutual understanding of your duties? Does your internship meet the criteria required for Praxis funding? 

A common complaint about the written statements is that the question prompts can lead to redundant answers. That's ok; we know that there may be some overlap. Another common question is, "do you really count the words?" No of course not! However, we do feel that approximately 300 words are required to adequately answer the questions. 

We recommend that you work on the written statements in small chunks if you feel overwhelmed. Answer a question a day for a week and you'll be done! Still need help? Come to the Lazarus Center to meet with an advisor. 

Finally, for your reference: the answer to this FAQ is exactly 300 words long. You can do it!