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Upcoming Graduate School Information Sessions & Workshops

How to Get a Job in Sustainability: Leadership Careers in Business, NGO’s and Government
Thursday, February 1612:00-1:00 pm
The World Needs you. You need a Job. In this one hour webinar, Dr. Eban Goodstein, Director, Graduate Programs in Sustainability at Bard College will outline different sustainability career directions, evaluate the impact of the Trump Presidency on sustainability jobs, discuss grad school and continuing education options (including school now/school later), and provide listeners with a tailored, concrete job search strategy. The webinar includes twenty minutes of Q&A to address individual career questions.
Webinar login: https://bluejeans.com/920996636
Dial-in only: 1.888.240.2560.
Please log in 5 minutes before the session begins.

The decision to attend a graduate or professional school and when to attend are questions with answers which are unique for each individual. Use these pages to advise and assist you when deciding upon you own path.

Deciding to Apply

There is no “timeline” of when or if one is supposed to attend a post-Smith education. For many, the reason to attend a graduate program is to satisfy a personal journey:

  • it is a subject that one purely wants to study in depth as a scholar, or
  • it is needed for employment or advancement in a particular career field.

When your reason to attend a graduate program has motivated you, begin to evaluate your credentials and explore the various graduate programs. Consult with others who can assist you in your endeavor:

  • Speak with faculty who can advise you on programs in your field of interest
  • Meet with a Lazarus Center advisor to help coordinate the logistics of your application
  • Network with Smith alums and other professionals in the field who can share their personal experiences
  • Contact admission representatives of your selected graduate programs about their programs.

Your decision to attend graduate school should be carefully planned and strategically crafted.


Need more help? Schedule an appointment with a Lazarus Center Advisor: (413) 585-2582