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fall 2016 lals approved courses


LAS 260/HST 260 Colonial Latin America, 1492-1821
Sarah Hines 

ARH 207 Translating New Worlds
Dana Leibson

CLT 268 Transnational Latina Feminisms
Nancy Sternbach

DAN 144 Tango I
Daniel Trenner

FYS 113 The World Water Crisis
Sarah Hines

FYS 129 Tierra y Vida:  Land and the Ecological Imagination in U.S. Latino/a Literature
Michelle Joffroy


GOV 226 Latin American Political Systems

Velma Garcia

GOV 322 Seminar in Comparative Government
Topic:  Latin American Social Movements
Velma Garcia

HST 280 Inquiries into United States Social History

Globalization, Im/migration, and Transnational Cultures

Jennifer Guglielmo


POR 381 Seminar in Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
Multiple Lenses of Margiinality:  New Brazilian Filmmaking by Women
Marguerite Harrison

SOC 214 Sociology of Hispanic Caribbean Communities in the United States
Ginetta Candelario

SPN 230 Topics in Latin American and Peninsular Literature 
Topic: Creative Writing of Spain by and for Women
Reyes Lázaro
Topic: Doméstica
Michelle Joffrey

SPN 245 Topics in Latin American and Peninsular Studies
Buen Provecho:  Food and the Spanish-Speaking World
Nancy Sternbach

SPN 260 Survey of Latin American Literature I 
Patricia González, Michelle Joffroy


SPN 372 Seminar:  Topics in Latin American and Iberian Studies

Topic: Stages of Conflict:  Performing Memory and Change in Spain and Latin America
Maria Harretche

SPN 373 Seminar: Literary Movements in Spanish America 
Topic: Literature, Film and the Transnational Imagination in Latin America
Maria Helena Rueda




LAS 201 Colloquium in Latin American and Latino/a Studies
Topic: Latin American Film Today: Global Visions, Local Expressions

Maria Helena Rueda


LAS/HST 261 National Latin America, 1821 to the Present

Sarah Hines


DAN 244 Tango II
Daniel Trenner


DAN 377 Advanced Studies in History and Aesthetics 
Salsa in Theory and Practice

Lester Tomé


GOV 220 Introduction to Comparative Politics 
Velma Garcia


GOV 237 Colloquium: Politics of the U.S./Mexico Border

Velma Garcia


HST 263 Continuity and Change in Spanish America and Brazil

Natural Resources and the Environment in Latin American History

Sarah Hines


SPN 246 Topics in Latin American Literature 
Topic: Race and Rebellion:  Palenques and Cimarrones in the Americas

Silvia Berger