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What Can I Do With a Minor in LS?
Landscape Studies

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What Can I Do With a Minor in LSS?

Students Talk

Landscape studies students talk about their experiences.

Chloe Deanna Williams '11

"I believe that being a part of the LSS program has made me not only a better student overall, but a more informed and intellectually curious world citizen."
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Karen Noelle Martin '10

"I've learned to not just walk through spaces but to stop and consider their impact on you and your impact on them."
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Eliza LaRocca '07

"Now that I have embraced the field of landscape architecture, I laugh at my former self, who struggled to imagine how one could possibly combine creativity with social and environmental awareness in just one field."
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Alison Jacobs '06

"Landscape studies interests me because it complements my major, which is studio arts, and it also incorporates a knowledge of plants and plant biology which is another major interest of mine."
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Elizabeth McAninch '05

"I think about issues in landscape studies whether I am scuba diving, driving on an interstate, shopping at a mall, or gardening. Life is just so much more interesting now that I have a basic understanding of the field."
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Deborah Rogal '05

"Landscape studies teaches me to be that aware and critical woman and will serve me no matter what career I choose."
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Elizabeth Anderson '04

"My interest in landscape studies arose from a great love of the French countryside and a fascination with historic gardens."
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Elizabeth Van Houten '04

"Landscape studies made me a more observant and inquisitive traveler, both in the obvious parks and gardens and in other places—cities, tourist spots, museums—whose landscapes were fundamentally important to my understanding of their culture and history."
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Peicha Chang '03

"Smith's fledgling LSS program helped me to discover a new direction in life, and led me to a career in landscape architecture that I never would have found otherwise."
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Sadie Miller '03

"I plan to apply for a Fulbright to study the politics of post-apartheid regional planning in South Africa in October."
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