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Landscape Studies

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Listed below are courses that may count toward the Landscape Studies minor. All courses are not offered every year. Check the Smith College Course Catalog for current offerings.

American Studies

AMS 201 Introduction to the Study of American Society and Culture
AMS 220 Colloquium: In the 'burbs: Culture, Politics, Identity (Steve Waksman)
AMS 302 The Material Culture of New England, 1630-1860


ANT 230 Peoploe and Cultures of Africa
ANT 233 History of Anthropological Theory
ANT 236 Economy, Ecology, and Society
ANT 252 The City and the Countryside in China
ANT 352 Topics in Anthropology

Art History

ARH 101 Approaches to Visual Representation
ARH 140 Introduction to Art: Western Traditions
ARH 212 Ancient Cities and Sanctuaries
ARH 216 Art and Architecture of the Roman World
ARH 223 Architecture in East Asia (Cross-Listed with East Asian Studies)
ARH 280 Making Modern Visual Culture
ARH 283 Architecture Since 1945
ARH 285 Great Cities: Pompeii
ARH 289 Architecture
ARH 315 Studies in Roman Art: At Home in Pompeii

Studio Art

ARS 161 Design Workshop I
ARS 162 Introduction to Digital Media
ARS 163 Drawing I
ARS 164 Three Dimensional Design
ARS 173 Cross-Disciplinary Foundations: 3D and Time-Based
ARS 264 Drawing II
ARS 266 Painting I
ARS 281/
LSS 250
Landscape Studies Introductory Studio
ARS 283 Introduction to Architecture: Site and Space
ARS 285 Introduction to Architecture: Language and Craft
ARS 386 Topics in Architecture
ARS 388 Advanced Architecture: Complex Places, Multiple Spaces
ARS 389 Broad-Scale Design and Planning (Cross-Listed with Landscape Studies)
ARS 390 Five College Drawing Seminar


BIO 101 Modern Biology for the Concerned Citizen
BIO 103 Economic Botany: Plants and Human Affairs
BIO 110 Conservation Biology
BIO 120 Landscape Plants and Issues
BIO 121 Landscape Plants and Issues Laboratory
BIO 122 Horticulture
BIO 123 Horticulture Laboratory
BIO 154 Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation
BIO 155 Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation Laboratory
BIO 180 BIO/GEO Avery Brook
BIO 202/
Landscape Plants and Issues and Lab
BIO 204/
Horticulture and Lab
BIO 240/
Plant Biology and Lab
BIO 250/
Plant Physiology and Lab
BIO 260/
Principals of Ecology and Lab
BIO 262/
Plant Biology/Laboratory
BIO 264/
Plant Systematics/Laboratory
BIO 266 Principles of Ecology
BIO 267 Principles of Ecology Laboratory
BIO 268 Marine Biology
BIO 269 Marine Biology Laboratory
BIO 270 Biodiversity
BIO 356/
Plant Ecology and Lab
BIO 364/
Plant Ecology
BIO 365 Plant Ecology Laboratory
BIO 366 Biogeography
BIO 390 Topics In Environmental Biology


CHM 108 Environmental Chemistry
CHM 346 Environmental Analytical Chemistry

Comparative Literature

CLT 100 The Pleasures of Reading
CLT 242 What and Where is Main Street
CLT 234 Adventure Novel: No Place for a Woman?
CLT 253 Literary Ecology
CLT 274 The Garden: Paradise and Battlefield
CLT 288 Bitter Homes and Gardens

East Asian Studies

EAS 220 Environment and Society in Contemporary China
EAS 223 Architecture in East Asia


ECO 123 Cheaper By The Dozen: Twelve Economic Issues For Our Times
ECO 213 The World Food System
ECO 224 Environmental Economics
ECO 230 Urban Economics
ECO 324 Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources


EGR 100 Engineering for Everyone:Energy and the Environment
EGR 101 Structures and the Built Environment
EGR 315 Ecohydrology
EGR 319/ GEO 309 Groundwater Geology
EGR 330 Engineering and Global Development


ENG 118 Water: Science and Politics
ENG 120 Reading the Landscape
ENG 120 Literatures of the American West
ENG 238 What Jane Austin Read: 18th Century Novel
ENG 382 Reading of the American Landscape

Environmental Science & Policy

ENV 100 Environment and Sustainability: Notes from the Field
ENV 101 Environmental Integration I
ENV 150/
GEO 150
Modeling Our World:An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
ENV 201 Environmental Integration: Collecting and Analyzing Information
ENV 220 Resource Management/Environmental Justice
ENV 300 Seminar in Environmental Science and Policy
ENV 311 Environmental Integration III: Interpreting and Communicating Information
ENV 312 Environmental Integration IV: Sustainable Solutions
ENV 320 Environmental Justice


FRN 230 Dream Places and Nightmare Spaces
FRN 244 Cities of Light
FRN 252 Urban Spaces in Francophone Film
FRN 275 Design by Fiction

First-Year Seminars

FYS 101 Envisioning the Wasteland
FYS 103 Geology in the Field
FYS 121 Transforming Northampton State Hospital
FYS 122 Eden and Other Gardens
FYS 136 People and the American City
FYS 141 Reading, Writing, and Placemaking: Landscape Studies
FYS 147 Science and Politics of Food, Water, and Energy
FYS 158 Reading the Earth
FYS 191 Sense and Essence in Nature
FYS 198 The Global Coffee Trail


GEO 101 Introduction to the Earth Processes and the Earth History
GEO 102 Exploring Our Local Geographical Landscape
GEO 104 Global Climate Change: Exploring The Past, The Present, and Options For The Future
GEO 105 Natural Disasters: Earthquakes and Volcanos
GEO 106 Extraordinary Events in the History of Earth, Life, and Climate
GEO 109 The Environment
GEO 111 Into to Earth Processes and History
GEO 150/
ENV 150
Modeling Our World:An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEO 161 Exploring the Local Geological Landscape
GEO 251 Geomorphology


GER 227 Topics In German Studies: Fantasies of the New World: German Visions of America in Landscape, Painting and Film
GER 227 Topics In German Studies: What Color Is The Earth? An Interdisciplinary Study of Color in Art, Prose, Film


GOV 204 Urban Politics
GOV 207 Politics of Public Policy
GOV 254 Colloquium: Politics of the Global Environment
GOV 306 Seminar In American Government: Politics and the Environment
GOV 364 Changing The World: Political Theory of the Anthropocene


HST 209 Aspects of Middle Eastern History: Urban Spaces/ Contested Places: Social and Cultural Histories of Non-Western Cities
HST 227 Aspects of Medieval European History: Paris from Its Origins through the Sixteenth Century
HST 279 Culture of American Cities

Latin American Studies

LAS 201 Environment and Society in the History of LAtin America


PHI 204 Design: Philosophical Inquiries
PHI 238 Environmental Ethics
PHI 303 Talking Trash
PHI 304 Colloquium in Applied Ethics: Sustainability

Public Policy

PPL 222 US Environmental History and Policy

Presidential Seminars

PRS 198 The Global Coffee Trail
PRS 308 Urbanization in the 21st Century: Comparative Prospects, Problems and Policies
PRS 321 Big Green Books


PSY 226 Society, Psychology, and Health


SOC 233 Environment and Society
SOC 332 Seminar: Environment and Society

Spanish and Portuguese

SPN 221 Eco Brazil: Key Environmental Issues?
POR 220 Contemporary Cityscapes: Mapping Brazilian Culture
POR 381 Seminar: Brasil Profundo: Landscape and the Environmental Imaginary in Brazilian Culture