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Past Projects

Since 1998, the Kahn Institute has launched dozens of innovative long- and short-term projects that have brought together a wide range of students and faculty members. For a look at the past five year's projects, click on the links below. You can also find information in the archived issues of the Kahn Chronicle.

If you have questions about past projects, please contact Liz Hait, administrative coordinator.


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Destroy then Restore: Transforming our Lands and Waters
Organizing Fellows: Andrew Guswa, Picker Engineering Program; Ann Leone, French Studies and Landscape Studies
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Organizing Fellows: Mlada Bukovansky, Government; Cornelia Pearsall, English Language and Literature
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Modes and Models of Making
Organizing Fellows: Alexandra Keller, Film and Media Studies; Dana Leibsohn, Art
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Shaping Perception

Organizing Fellow: Chris Aiken, Dance; Daphne Lamothe, Africana Studies
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Memory: Form, Function, and Fallibility
Organizing Fellows: Dawn Fulton, French Studies; Adam Hall, Biological Sciences
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Organizing Fellow: Michael Thurston, English Language & Literature
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The Power of Disappearance

Organizing Fellows: Frazer Ward (Art), Maria Rueda (Spanish & Portuguese)
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The Question of Privacy

Organizing Fellows: Judith Cardell (Engineering), Alice Hearst (Government)
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Regarding Images

Organizing Fellows: Nicholas Howe, Fraser Stables
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Traditional Eastern Medicine (short-term)

Organizing Fellow: Leslie Jaffe
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Placing Space

Organizing Fellows: Suzan Edwards, Cornelia Pearsall
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Hiraeth, Saudade, and the Concept of Longing (short-term)

Organizing Fellows: Marguerite Itamar Harrison, Pamela Petro
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Mothers & Others: Reproduction, Representation and the Body Politic

Organizing Fellows: Ginetta Candelario, Naomi Miller
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Altering Bodies & Minds

Organizing Fellows: Barbara Brehm-Curtis, Nicholas Horton
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Plague: Past, Present and Future

Organizing Fellow: Lester Little
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Whose Community? Whose Academy?

Organizing Fellows: Lucy Mule, Phil Peake
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Excavating the Image: The Birth of RMB City

Organizing Fellow: Jessica Nicoll; Project Coordinator: Ann Musser
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Organizing Fellows: Craig Davis, Joel Westerdale
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Renaissances: A Multiplicity of Rebirths

Organizing Fellows: Jay Garfield, Nalini Bhushan
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Excavating the Image: Pennsylvania Excavation

Project Coordinator: Ann Musser
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The Making and Meaning of Dress

Organizing Fellow: Kiki Smith; Coordinating Fellows: Rosetta Marantz Cohen,
Jessica Nicoll

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The Mill River Greenway Initiative: A Collaborative Project

Organizing Fellow: Reid Bertone-Johnson; Coordinating Fellow: Andrew Guswa
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Why Educate Women? Global Perspectives on Equal Opportunity

Organizing Fellows: Susan Bourque, Rosetta Marantz Cohen
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Beyond Human Intelligence: The Possibility of Technological Singularity

Organizing Fellows: Judith Cardell, James Miller
View project description

Liquid Worlds

Organizing Fellows: Maria Estala Harretche, Anna Botta
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Neilson-Kahn Seminar: Ecological Democracy

Organizing Fellow: Anne Leone
View project description

Immigration, Nativism and the 'Limits of Tolerance'

Organizing Fellow: Peter Rose
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