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Highlights from Spring 2016

Kahn Student Fellows at Celebrating Collaborations

Seven of this year's Kahn Student Fellows presented their research at Celebrating Collaborations on April 16, the annual Smith event showcasing student research in collaboration with faculty.

View the students' presentations:

Lucy Gouvin '16: "Interaction, Embodiment, and Play"

Liz Tan '16: "Playfulness in Undergraduate Research in Synthetic Biology"

Katie Mikulka '16: "Moving Through Play, Playing Through Movement: Locations of Play in Dance Making, Performance and Practice"

Aisha Amin '17: "Verbatim Theatre: The Intersection of Theatre and Memory"

Claire Bowman '16: "Debt as Memory"

Nikila Lakshmanan: "Reincarnation 'Memories' in Children"

Jocelynn Proietti: "Towards a Black Women's Romantic Ideology"


View Neilson Professor Lectures

2016 Neilson Professor Martha Albertson Fineman, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law, Emory University School of Law, delivered three lectures this spring under the theme "Looking Beyond Gender Equality: Vulnerability, Resilience and Social Justice." Click on the following links to view Fineman's lectures in their entirety:


Neilson Lecture I (February 4, 2016): Reading the Law Through a Feminist Lens

Neilson Lecture II (February 25, 2016): Vulnerability and Social Justice

Neilson Lecture III (March 24, 2016): Vulnerability and Resilience: Crafting a Responsive State