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War (2017–18)

Organizing Fellows

Despite efforts to outlaw it and undermine its legitimacy, war remains with us; it is a persistent human institution. War has both shaped and destroyed peoples, nations and states; devastated and also inspired great works of art and architecture; deeply altered demographics, economies, landscapes and ecosystems; given birth to social movements and migration flows; and given shape to legal and moral ecologies even as its conduct has violated laws and ethical codes. This year-long project seeks to provide a forum for the multidisciplinary study of war: its waging, its representations, its implications, its aftermath (which can include peace)--the myriad causes and consequences of war in its complex and varied forms. Read the complete project description.

Destroy then Restore: Transforming our Lands and Waters (2017-18)

Organizing Fellows

In Tar Creek, Oklahoma, clouds of lead dust waft through the streets; toxic ponds and lakes glow rusty red with zinc waste and sludge left behind by mining companies that abandoned the community years ago. How to restore this place? Since the mid-nineteenth century, humans have destroyed 95 percent of California's wetlands. Conservation groups now create pop-up habitats for 350 species of waterfowl and wading birds by leasing and flooding agricultural lands during critical migratory periods. This project will explore the dynamic interaction between human societies and natural processes, waters, and landscapes. We invite faculty from across the curriculum to engage on these questions and others that emerge from a consideration of impaired and repaired lands and waters. Read the complete project description.