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War (2017–18)

Organizing Fellows

This project will bring together scholars from across the disciplines whose work touches on war in all of its complex facets and dimensions. The project will seek to provide a forum for the multidisciplinary study of war: its waging, its representations, its implications, its aftermath, and the myriad causes and consequences of war in its complex and varied forms. Read the complete project description.

Project fellows


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Destroy then Restore: Transforming our Lands and Waters (2017-18)

Organizing Fellows

This yearlong project examines the dynamic interaction between human societies and natural processes, waters, and landscapes, exploring questions among the relationship of destroy-then-restore that human societies have with their lands and waters. Efforts to address and redress the ruin of these places engage issues of design, economics, politics, history, anthropology, ethics, engineering, ecology and more. Read the complete project description.

Project fellows


Short-term projects 2018

Excavating the Image: Little Frank and His Carp (2003) by Andrea Fraser

March 23-24, 2018

Excavating the Image is an annual collaboration between the Kahn Institute and the Smith College Museum of Art that invites faculty to engage closely and participate in dialogue around an artwork in the museum collection. This year's project will feature Little Frank and His Carp, a 2003 video work by the artist Andrea Fraser. Read the complete project description.