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Current Projects

Shaping Perception (2016–17)

Shaping perceptionOrganizing Fellows

Perception is both active and receptive. It is biological and creative. It is shaped by all that we have learned and all that we can imagine. This project will explore the concept of "perception" as an essential form of human experience, an aspect of ourselves that defines who we are and how we relate to the world. The topic and study of perception has important implications for those interested in almost any field, from aesthetics to spirituality, neuroscience and history. Read the complete project description.

Project fellows

Modes and Models of Making (2016-17)

modes and models of making logo

Organizing Fellow

Fundamental to daily life, and especially intellectual life, are our ideas about, practices of, and dream for making things, be they material, ephemeral, "real" or imagined. Moreover, the role of technology is pressing ever more firmly upon us to reassess how we share knowledge, circulate inventions, define ourselves as humans. In this project we invite considered reflection on what kinds of things have been, or are now worth making, and how models for thinking about creativity and craftsmanship shape why certain things (and not others) get made, re-made, and un-made. Read the complete project description.

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Short-term projects 2016-17



Organizing Fellow

  • Judith Gordon, Music

September 30-October 1, 2016

We do it every day, in one way or another, sometimes thinking about it and sometimes not thinking about it. Practice, in all its complexity, is part of life. But what does it really mean to "practice something," and how are various forms of practice different and related? In this two-day project, we will explore the subject of practice, as an art, a science, and an essential part of ourselves as human beings. We invite faculty from all disciplines who engage in any kind of practice to compare and analyze the processes involved in that work. Read the complete project description.

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