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Current Projects

Shaping Perception (2016–17)

Shaping perceptionOrganizing Fellows

This project explores the concept of "perception" as an essential form of human experience, an aspect of ourselves that defines who we are and how we relate to the world. Read the complete project description.

Project fellows

Modes and Models of Making (2016-17)

modes and models of making logo

Organizing Fellow

In this project we invite considered reflection on what kinds of things have been, or are now worth making, and how models for thinking about creativity and craftsmanship shape why certain things (and not others) get made, re-made, and un-made. Read the complete project description.

Project fellows


Short-term projects 2016-17

Robed Warriors

Organizing Fellow

  • Jay Garfield, Philosophy

October 15, 2016, and February 11, March 4, and April 8, 2017

This project, taking place on four Saturdays throughout the academic year, will explore the impact of Buddhist monastics on health care and hospice services, the design of charitable NGOs, cognitive science, values education, feminism, and on the envisioning of religious life. On each Saturday, participants will meet with a prominent Buddhist monastic whose work has transformed both contemporary Buddhist practice and the world beyond. Read the complete project description.