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The inaugural Kahn Gallery exhibit, "Black Feminism and the Cultural Legacy of Ms. Magazine," uses historic images and materials to explore the possibilities and limitations for black feminism at Ms. Magazine, and the way this tension manifested in the lived experience of individual women as the initial excitement felt by many black feminists—Margaret Sloan, Michele Wallace, Alice Walker—faded into disillusionment by the 1980s.

The exhibit is a capstone project by Miriam Mosher '14, American studies major and Museums Concentrator, and developed from her research, as a Smithsonian scholar, on the intersection of African American studies and visual culture.

The Kahn Gallery is located inside the entrance to the Kahn Institute, Neilson Library third floor. All are welcome.

The Kahn Gallery welcomes ideas and submissions for exhibits from Smith students, faculty and staff members.


The following Smith students have been awarded fellowships in connection with the Kahn Institute's two long-term projects for 2014-2015. Fellows in the project The Power of Disappearance, organized by Frazer Ward, Art, and Maria Rueda, Spanish and Portuguese, will explore the forms, means and valences of disappearance, of people, things, buildings, ways of life, species, memories and other entities, and the implications and meanings associated with their disappearance. (Click here for a complete description of the project.) The project The Question of Privacy, organized by Judy Cardell, engineering, and Alice Hearst, government, will examine the controversial nature of privacy, our right to it and our ability to protect it, building conversations across disciplines about the pros and cons, limits and definitions of privacy in the modern world. (Click here for a complete description of the project.)

Haley Crockett '15, American Studies
Tanvi Kapoor '16, Undecided
Sara Lerner '15, Film Studies
Katherine Lopes '15, Philosophy
Alice Wolff '15, Medieval Studies

Emily Dixon '15, Engineering
Elizabeth Heise '15, Government
Waka Kobayashi '15, Government
Marianna Mapes '16, Philosophy
Alina Tomeh '16, Econoics
Sarah Walton '15, Government


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