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Student Liaisons 2016-2017



Hannah Schneider '18

I found my way into the Jewish Studies program after taking a first year seminar on Israel: Texts and Contexts. Until that point I had planned on being a History major, but then I couldn't stop taking classes in an interdisciplinary program that allowed me to combine historical, literary, cultural, and religious study. During my first year at Smith the Program in Jewish Studies also introduced me to the resources of the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst. SAfter only two years of studying Yiddish language, literature, and culture at Smith and the YBC I am able to read original Yiddish texts! In summer 2016 I plan to return to the YBC as a Steiner Fellow, and in summer 2017 I plan to attend the Yiddish language institute at Tel Aviv University. I am combining my Jewish Studies major with a Concentration in Translation Studies, allowing me to gain practical and theoretical experience working with Yiddish texts. I am grateful to the faculty in Jewish Studies for their close mentoring, willingness to take on special studies that address my interests, and guidance in putting together a balanced liberal arts major that has taught me how to develop my analytic skills across various disciplines. Plus, I am proof that one does not need to be Jewish to find in Jewish Studies a field that teaches students how to pay close attention to literary, visual, and popular culture in ways that intersect with many of the most pressing cultural questions of our day. If you are interested in learning more, don't hesitate to contact me!

Hunter Myers '18

My involvement in Jewish Studies began my first year with a year long modern Hebrew course. For the next few semesters I balanced taking classes for my Chemistry major with any other class that interested me outside of the sciences. It was not until I had unwittingly completed the Jewish Studies minor that I
declared a double major in Chemistry and Jewish Studies. Jewish Studies reaches into the realms of cultural, historical, literary, language, political, and religious studies. It has even entered the field of Chemistry, lending historical and biographical context to noteworthy chemical publications and prize winning synthesis. This summer (2017) I will be studying at Tel Aviv University in the Ulpan program for modern Hebrew and next year I will be writing a thesis on American Jewish anti-Zionism. The Jewish Studies program has both expanded and honed my writing, critical reading, and analytical thinking skills.
I am more than happy to speak with anyone interested in learning more about Jewish Studies!


Alumnae Majors in Jewish Studies

Veida Lekakh '17 Reyna Levine '11
Emily Bell '16 Lisa Meyers '11
Sasha Gayle-Shapiro '16 Elizabeth Niehoff '11
Sadie Gold Shapiro '16 Rebecca Peterson'11
Anna Steckel '16 Amelia Stehn '11
Emily Rothman'15 Andria Davis '10
Kayla Blum '15 Elizabeth Jacobson '10
Danya Bocarsly '14 Yael Langer '10
Brittany Caine '14 Rachel Srebro '10
Sophie Fierst '14 Chantel Braley '10
Sarah Greenberg '14 Rhian Roberts'10
Allison Wessells '14 Samantha Glashaw '09
Emily Dennen '13 Emily Pratt '09
Carole Renard '13 Sarah Goeppinger '08
Katy Swartz '13 Sheira Schiff '08
Casey Zierler '13 Gabrielle Thal Pruzan '08
Rachel Wetmore '12  
Anna Allen'11  

Alumnae in Self Designed Majors in Jewish Studies

Kara Spezeski '95 Alisa Klein '91
Rachel Kotok '94 Amy Trachtenberg '91
Danielle Conhaim '94 Jennifer Roemer '91
Heidi Meikrantz '93 Stacey Bloom '91
Lisa DeCarolis-Osepowicz '93 Nancy Polsky '91
Shoshanna Korn-Meyer '93 Suzette Rodriquez '91
Rachel Janow '93 Linda Hamo '90
Elizabeth Dembitzer '92 Mary Reynolds '88
Jennifer Gilbert-Kaufmann '92 Michele Gessman '88
Liza Cristol-Deman '92 Rebecca Yazel '88
Sharon Goldberg '92 Sara Silverman '88
Abagail Goldberg '92 Heidi Janow '88