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From L to R, Justin Cammy, Joanna Caravita, Ernest Benz, Joel Kaminsky, Ellen Kaplan, Lois Dubin. Missing: Jocelyn Kolb.


The faculty of the Program in Jewish Studies is a committed group of scholars whose research and teaching interests range from study of the Hebrew Bible to modern Jewish literature, from Jewish religious thought and history to the Holocaust, Israel, and contemporary Jewish experience.

Jewish Studies Program Committee 2015-2016

Ernest Benz
Associate Professor of History

Justin Cammy
Associate Professor Jewish Studies and Comparative Literature, Director of Jewish Studies

Joanna Caravita
Lecturer in Modern Hebrew Language

Lois Dubin
Professor of Religion

Joel Kaminsky
Morningstar Family Professor of Jewish Studies and
Professor of Religion

Ellen Kaplan
Professor of Theatre

Jocelyne Kolb
Professor of German Studies




Other Faculty Offering Courses in Jewish Studies or Related Disciplines



Darcy Buerkle

Silvia Berger
Spanish and Portuguese

Ibtissam Bouachrine
Spanish and Portuguese

Adi Gordon
Five College Visiting Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies

Suleiman Ali Mourad

Research Associates in Jewish Studies

Sebastian Schulman


Emeritae Faculty

Donna Robinson Divine (Government)
Myron Glazer (Sociology)
Peter Rose (Sociology)
Hans Vaget (German)


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