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Jewish Studies

Five College Jewish Studies Faculty

This list includes both faculty appointed to teach in Jewish studies programs, and others who do not teach in the field but whose research touches on some aspect of Jewish civilization.

Amherst College

Catherine Epstein
German history, Holocaust

Susan Niditch
Hebrew Bible and midrash, women and Judaism

Ilan Stavans
Latin–American Jewish literature

Boris Wolfson
Russian literature

Adi Gordon
Five College Visiting Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies

Hampshire College

Polina Barskova
Russian literature, Slavic Studies, poetry

Aaron Berman
History of Zionism, Israeli politics, American Jewish history

Karen Koehler
Art history, memory

Sura Levine
Holocaust and visual culture

Rebecca Miller
Jewish music

Abraham Ravett

Rachel Rubinstein
American Jewish literature and culture

James Wald
European history, German-Jewish studies, Holocaust

Jeffery Wallen
German–Jewish studies, Holocaust

Mt. Holyoke College

Karen Remmler
German–Jewish literature and women

Don Weber
American Jewish literature and culture

Smith College

Silvia Berger
Latin–American Jewish literature

Ernest Benz
European intellectual history, fascism

Ibtissam Bouachrine
Jewish Women in the Muslim Mediterranean

Darcy Buerkle
German–Jewish history and thought, Jewish women's history

Justin Cammy
Yiddish, Modern Jewish literature, Eastern European Jewry,Holocaust, Zionism and Israeli political culture

Joanna Caravita
Hebrew Language

Lois Dubin
Modern Jewish history and thought, Jewish women's history, Jewish liturgy

Sergey Glebov
Russian history, nationalism

Joel Kaminsky
Hebrew Bible

Jocelyne Kolb
Heine, Jews in German culture

Ellen Kaplan
Jewish theater

Joel Westerdale
German literature, Weimar and Nazi film

University of Massachusetts

Jay Berkovitz
Modern Jewish intellectual and social history

Aviva Ben Ur
Sephardic studies, American Jewish history

Andrew Donson
German history, Holocaust

Harley Erdman
Ethnic theater

Olga Gershenson
Jewish film and theater, contemporary Israeli culture

Susan Jahoda
Studio and video art

Kathryn Lachman
French Literature

David Mednicoff
Arab–Israeli politics

Hannah Pollin-Galay
Holocaust History and Literature, Eastern European Jewish Histroy, Yiddish

Robert Rothstein
Slavic and Yiddish linguistics

Susan Shapiro
Jewish thought

Jonathan Skolnik
German–Jewish literature and culture

National Yiddish Book Center

Eitan Kensky
Yiddish Literature

Josh Lambert
American Jewish Literature

Asya Vaysman
Yiddish language, literature, folklore and music


Larry Fine- Mount Holyoke
Jewish mysticism, Jewish thought

James Young-UMASS
Holocaust, memory and memorials

Shmuel Bolozky- UMASS
Hebrew language, linguistics