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Mid-Semester Assessment Program

The Mid-Semester Assessment (MSA) offers faculty the chance to receive feedback on their teaching and students' learning. The MSA is an individualized assessment that requires only 20 minutes of class time to complete.

The MSA provides instructors with feedback on what's working best in the course and in their teaching, feedback on those aspects of the course that could be strengthened and improved (and how to do so), and the chance to implement meaningful change while the course is still in progress.

The MSA is completely confidential from start to finish. Only the instructor has access to the results once the MSA has been completed.

Additionally, we have developed short modules on dealing with the common teaching and learning issues that many Smith faculty encounter. Instructors can access these modules by logging on to Moodle and going to The Jacobson Center Teaching Series. (All faculty are enrolled in this Moodle course.)

For more information, please contact Debra Carney in the Jacobson Center, either by phone (3035) or email (dcarney@.smith.edu).