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Strunk’s Elements of Style

Smith Library Citation Guides

Study Skills Websites

www.howtostudy.org—This is a great site that breaks down how to study in every discipline, including reading and note-taking strategies.

www.studygs.net/index.htm—Study Guides and Strategies for reading, note-taking, exam prep, organization, time management, writing, tutoring, group work, etc.

www.eslcafe.com—Resource for ESL issues.

cc.pima.edu/~carem—Good study tips by psychology professor with a focus on math and sciences, math anxiety, test anxiety.

Harvard Bureau of Study Council—Harvard provides many handouts on a wide range of learning issues including focus, decision-making, ESL learning, procrastination, perfectionism, reading and discipline specific study skills.

sas.calpoly.edu/asc/ssl.html—California Polytech’s Study Skills online library for study skills improvement.

On Line Grammar Guide Links

Grammar and ESL Exercises—The OWL at Purdue
This link, part of the OWL (On-line Writing Lab) at Purdue University, provides an excellent selection of printable “handouts” with clear explanations of a wide variety of grammar points, as well as interactive exercises for immediate practice. Particularly recommended for ELL students.

Guide to Grammar and Writing—Professor Charles Darling, Capital Community-Technical College
This is an exhaustive grammar and writing guide with concise explanations of rules. Click on the INDEX button to get the comprehensive list of topics (everything from subject/verb agreement to tense consistency to comma splices). Each grammar rule is presented clearly, including exceptions, followed by several interactive quizzes (with helpful hints along the way).

The English Language Center Study Zone
This site provides a basic index of grammar points, presented in simpler language than that used in Charles Darling’s guide, which may be particularly helpful for ELL students. The simplified presentations of grammar rules are followed by interactive exercises. There are also especially helpful pages on conditionals—“Which Conditional Should I Use?”

Self-Study Grammar Quizzes
The Internet TESL Journal
This site only provides quizzes without preliminary explanations, but for the motivated student, it can be a useful resource.