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Learning Disabilities

The Jacobson Center offers students with learning disabilities opportunities to develop themselves academically.

If you give us permission, we can work with you and the Office of Disability Services to come up with the best plan possible.

What’s in it for you?

Study Skills and planning. You can meet with a learning specialist to develop an individualized, integrated plan to support you in all your coursework. Come in early in the semester to make a plan; don’t wait until crunch time to check us out. To learn more go here.

Individual writing conferences. You can work on your writing at any stage with a professional Writing Instructor. These meetings can happen on a regular basis or as needed. To learn more go here.

Workshops. You can attend lunch-hour workshops to improve your study skills. To learn more go here.

Tutoring. You can meet one-on-one with student tutors for non-quantitative courses or request a tutor for any course.To learn more go here.

Other resources to improve your writing

If you struggle with writing, you are also encouraged to take ENG118/Colloquia in Writing. English 118 provides you with consistent, systematic instruction and practice in writing. If you take the course, we recommend that you (1) identify yourself to your instructor as a student with a learning disability; (2) share with your instructor any information you may have about your learning disability; and (3) give your instructor permission to review your records with the Disability Services director. This way, we can work out a plan that meets your needs and goals.


For more information about individual writing conferences, call Julio Alves at ext. 3033.

For more information about study skills and tutoring, call Kelly Vogel at ext. 3037.