How to Create Dreamweaver Site Connection
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Follow the steps below to create a Dreamweaver site definition:

  1. Open Dreamweaver.

  2. Click on the Site menu and choose New Site.

  3. The Site Setup window will open with the Site category selected on the left.

  1. In the Site Name field, enter a short name for your site.

  2. Click the Browse button (folder icon) at the end of the Local Site Folder field.

  3. Navigate to an existing folder on your H: or C: drive where you will store local copies of your site files, or create a new folder for this purpose.

  4. Open the folder and click Select. The correct path will appear in the Local Site Folder field.

  5. Click on the Servers category on the left.

  6. In the right part of the window, click the + icon at the bottom to add a server.

  7. The Basic server settings window will open.

  8. Enter the following connection information:

    1. If your site is on the main Smith web server, in the Server Name field, enter:

      If you are connecting to a different web server (e.g.,, enter that as your server name.

    2. In the Connect using drop-down, choose SFTP.

    3. In the SFTP Address field, enter:

      If you are connecting to a different web server (e.g.,, enter that as your SFTP address.

    4. In the Username field, enter the username for the account on the web server.

    5. In the Password field, enter the password for the account on the web server.

    6. In the Root Directory field, enter the path to your account files on the web server.

      The path typically begins with /home, followed by the first letter of the account name, followed by the site name, all separated by slashes. For example, the path to mysite is: /home/m/mysite/

    7. To test the username and password, click Test. Dreamweaver will let you know whether the connection was successful.

  9. If you don't want to enable file check-in/check-out, click the Save button, then Save again, then Done. Skip to step 13.

  10. To enable file check-in/check-out, click the Advanced tab.

    1. Click the checkbox beside Enable file check-out and enter your own name and email address. 

    2. When done, hit Save, Save, and Done.

  11. Your local site folder should now appear at the top of the Local Files pane on the right side of the Dreamweaver window.

  12. To see the site files currently stored on the web server, choose Remote server from the drop-down menu above the file list.

  13. You can now use the Get and Put arrows above the file list to transfer files from your local folder to the remote server and vice versa.

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