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The list below is a compilation of questions many people have been asking about the new telephone and voicemail system.

What is the "New callers" indicator on my display?

The"New callers" indicator that appears on most staff and faculty phones indicates how many calls you have received since you last reviewed your Call Log, which is the list of all your incoming calls.

The new call counter continues to increment until you review your Call Log, as follows:

  1. Press the Callers soft key at the bottom of your display.
  2. Use the navigation buttons to scroll through the list.
  3. Press the Quit button to exit the Call Log.

Once you have scrolled through the list, the counter will reset to zero and begin a new count. Note that you do not need to delete the entries in the Call Log to reset the counter; you need only scroll through the list.

Can I turn off the New Callers indicator?

Yes. You can set your Call Log to display all calls (the default), display only unanswered calls, or not display at all.

To turn your Call Log display OFF:

  1. Press the Options button.
  2. When the Options List appears on the display, use your navigation buttons to scroll down to Call log options, then press the Select soft key.
  3. In the Log options list, scroll down to New call indication__On,
  4. Press the Off soft key to toggle the setting to Off, then press the Done soft key.
  5. Press the Quit button to exit the Options menu.

Note that turning the display off does not affect the call-logging function.  You can still review your list of incoming calls anytime by pressing the Callers soft key.

Is there a way to clear all entries from my Call Log?

Just do the following:

  1. Press the Directory/Log button at the bottom of your phone.
  2. Use the navigation keys to scroll to the Call Log (Callers List) option and press the Select soft key.
  3. When the Call Log appears, press theDelList soft key in the lower right corner of the display.
  4. When asked if you want to delete the entire list, click on the Yes soft key. All entries in the Call Log will be deleted. 
  5. Press the Quit button to exit the Call Log.
Can I skip the greeting when leaving a voicemail message for someone?

To skip the greeting in someone else's voicemail and skip directly to the beep, press 5.

Can I skip the date and time header when listening to my messages?

To skip the date and time header when listening to one of your voicemail messages, press 2.

How do I delete a message?

To delete a voicemail message, press 76.

Staff and Faculty: You also have the option to click on the More soft key, then on the Delete soft key, while listening to the message.

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