How to Install Campus Printers & MFD
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Installing Campus Printers

Install Required Software

Before you can print using a Hewlett Packard Printer, the appropriate print driver and iPrint software must be installed on your computer.

If there is an issue using one browser then try a different browser.

  1. Click on the printing page for your department's network server below. A separate Novell iPrint window will open:


    Installation URL:

    Admission Global Studies Registrar
    Chapel Health Services Residence Life
    Class Dean Human Resources SGA - Student Gov't
    Controllers Mail Services Student Affairs
    CSO Office of Student Engagement Student Financial Services


    Installation URL:

    Advancement Exec Education President's House
    Alumnae Relations Inclusion, Diversity & Equity President's Office
    Athletics Institutional Research Provost/Dean of Faculty
    Development Libraries Trustees
    Disability Services Museum


    Installation URL:

    Botanic Garden HVAC RADS
    Campus Police ITS Residence and Dining Services
    College Relations Lazarus Center SSW
    Facilities Management Purchasing

    Facserve (div1 and div2):

    Science (div3): please check the science pages first


  2. Click on Install iPrint Client at the top to ensure the latest version of iPrint client is installed

  3. Navigate printer list and click the you need to install. Your browser might ask you to Launch Application.

  4. If you wish to make the MFD your default printer, click the check box beside Set printer as default.

  5. Click Yes to begin the installation.

  6. The Novell iPrint Client Printer Installation Status window will open and display the progress of the installation.

  7. When the installation is complete, the window will close automatically.

  8. If your department uses account codes, follow the appropriate steps below to enter your account code on a Windows or Mac computer.

  9. If your department does not use account codes, your installation is complete.

Enter an Account Code on a Windows Computer

If your department uses account codes (the 4-digit number you enter to make copies using the MFD), follow these steps to enter and save your account code for printing:

  1. Windows 7: Go to Start/ Devices and Printers.

  2. Right-click on the name of your MFD printer and select Printer Properties (Win 7).

  3. In the Properties window, click the Configuration tab.

    1. On the Configuration tab, under Configuration Settings, locate the Accounting options

    2. For System, click None and choose Xerox Standard Accounting or Auditron.

    3. For Print-Time Prompt, click on Always Prompt and choose Do Not Prompt.

    4. In the Accounting Codes (Required) window, enter your 4- or 5-digit account code in the User ID field and click OK.

    5. Back in the Properties window, click OK to close the window.
Enter an Account Code on a Mac

If your department uses account codes (the 4-digit number you enter to make copies using the MFD), follow these steps to enter and save your account code for printing:

  1. Open Microsoft Word.

  2. Click on File / Print.

  3. Choose your MFD printer from the drop-down menu.

  4. In the Copies and Pages drop-down menu, choose Xerox Features.

  5. When the Paper/Output drop-down menu appears, choose Advanced.

  6. Click on the Accounting button.

  7. In the Accounting window, under Accounting System, choose Xerox Standard Accounting.

  8. In the Default User ID/Passcode box, enter your 4- or 5-digit account code. Ignore all other fields and click OK. If you get an error saying a code is required in another field, enter the same account code.

  9. Back in the Print window, be sure to save this setting! In the Presets menu at the top, click on Default Settings and choose Save Current Settings As Preset.

  10. Give your Preset a name, then click OK.

Note: Accounting Code Error. If you are receiving an account code error in Chrome or an Adobe application then use their print dialog boxes. For example: Chrome, bottom left click on Print Using System Dialog. In Acrobat look for File - Print.

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