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Recycle, re-use, and buy technology designed with the planet in mind!

ITS supports Smith's sustainability initiatives through a variety of recycling, re-use, and green-purchasing programs for the campus community. We encourage everyone to explore the following simple strategies for greener computing.

ITS recycles and re-uses, and so can you. Click here to find out what and how.

Printer toner cartridges:

All toner cartridges distributed to Smith offices by CBS, our printer service provider, are remanufactured cartridges.

Used cartridges should be returned to the appropriate collection center for recycling. For instructions on returning used CBS cartridges, click here.

Printer ink cartridges: Bring all types of used ink cartridges to the Computer Store in Stoddard 202 for recycling.

Diskettes, CDs, and DVDs: Bring all types of used optical disks to the Computer Store in Stoddard 202 for recycling.

Batteries: Bring used batteries of all types (computer, watch, AA, AAA, C, D, rechargeable, etc.) to the Technical Services office in Stoddard 203 for recycling.

Anything else I can recycle myself? Yes! You can deposit any of the following in the Techno-Trash drop box in the Computer Store for recycling:

- Video, audio, and computer tapes
- Jewel cases and video cases
- Cell phones, pagers, and PDAs
- Personally-owned laptop computers
- Handheld devices and accessories
- Cables, cords, computer chips, and circuit boards

Smith-owned computers: Whenever possible, computers and equipment that no longer have value to the College are donated to qualifying non-profit organizations through Smith's town-gown program.*

Otherwise, they are recycled through the Five Colleges recycling program, whose administrators carefully research recycling companies to be sure they dispose of hazardous materials responsibly.

*Note: If your department is approached by anyone asking to purchase obsolete equipment, please direct the caller to Barbara Pliska at x2631.

ITS buys technology designed with the planet in mind. Can you? Click here to learn more.

Computers: All campus-standard Dell and Apple computers purchased by ITS and sold by the Smith College Computer Store meet the ePEAT* Gold standard, the RoHS** standard, and the Energy Star 6.0 standard.

Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool
** Reduction of Hazardous Substances

Servers: The Computer Store helps departments configure and purchase energy-saving computer servers.

In addition, ITS has adopted computer "virtualization," a software architecture that allows multiple virtual servers to run on a single physical server. This means that fewer actual servers are required to run Smith's networks and applications, reducing equipment costs as well as the amount of electricity required to power our servers and cool their environment.

How else does ITS help the Smith community do more with less? Click here.

Power-saver settings: We support the Sleep is Good pledge drive, and encourage all students, faculty, and staff to activate the power-saving option that puts their computer monitor "to sleep" after 15 minutes or less of non-use. New computers issued to faculty and staff come with this option pre-set.

We also encourage users to turn off animated screen savers that waste power and computer-processing resources.

Duplex printing: All network printers purchased by the College come with an automatic power-saving function and duplex (double-sided) printing capability.

If you need help downloading a required printer driver or configuring your print settings to take advantage of the duplex-printing option, call the IT Service Center at x4487.

Document distribution: We encourage all members of the Smith community to save paper and energy by distributing information electronically using email, Google Drive or a website.

Software that supports these activities is installed on all faculty and staff computers, and is available to students in campus computer centers. We also provide technical support and training on relevant software applications.

In addition, ITS provides an extensive collection of technology user guides and tip sheets to the Smith community through the Technology And Resource Adviser (TARA) website:

For more information about green initiatives at Smith, see...

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Last updated: October 5, 2016

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