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Personal Image Collections

There are many simple-to-use web applications and desktop software available for creating personal image collections.  These programs store and retrieve digital files and make it possible to present images or share them on a mobile device or computer.   You can group, order, and display digital images with or without notation.

Who uses image collections and why?
At Smith College, we use Picasa (Mac and Windows) and  iPhoto (Mac).  Both are known for clear instructions, generous storage space for your digital files, and intuitive use.  Students use these programs to pursue personal interests and for class assignments, including sharing travel photos.  Picasa or iPhoto can be used to keep track of large numbers of jpg, gif, and other image files.  

How can I examine Picasa or iPhoto for myself?
Go to for a free download.  You can access iPhoto immediately since it is included on every Smith desktop or laptop Mac.